Monday, July 31, 2017

it's august!

Hola hola mi familia! Well tomorrow is August but still. This has been yet another great week in the FFLM. It really is the best place in the world. We saw a LOT of miracles this week and just laughed and had fun the whole time. Missionary work is literally the best thing in the entire world. Also my companion is currently teaching me the "alphabet aerobics" song. If you don't know what it is go watch Daniel Radcliffe sing it on Jimmy Fallon. I am currently on letter H... getting close.

We taught one of the recent converts in our ward, who is 16 years old and asked him what time we could meet with him and he said "Tuesday morning" which is not a problem so we asked "What time is morning for you Anthony?" he goes, "about 1:00...." ANTHONY THAT IS THE AFTERNOON. Anyways it made me laugh. Oh to be a teenager in the summer. We brought one of the young men along who had just gotten back from EFY and he bore an amazing testimony on the power of the scriptures. He talked about how he was never super good at reading his scriptures but now feels like he truly can do it and how making it a habit and part of his routine really helped him! I could really relate to that. We just have to make scripture reading a part of our routine and daily tasks and it becomes easier! So shout out to awesome 17 year olds coming in clutch.

We went on 2 full day exchanges and I left on both of them so I wasn't in our area too much this week! I went back to Wellington with Sister Davis and chilled at the doctors office with her for her appointment and then taught a returning member about the priesthood, in Spanish! Wow, it was awesome to teach in Spanish again! It felt so good. The gift of tongues is so real. All that Spanish came flooding back and I was able to explain deep concepts of the Gospel without any problem.

Thursday was a great day. We had a boss comp study from the APs and just laughed through the whole thing. Love those goobers. Then we had a member take us to Panera Bread. Just such a tender mercy because I had literally said that morning that I wanted it. Such a blessing. We found some cool peeps this week. We had correlation with our ward mission leader... patience is key there folks.

Friday- another exchange, this time I went to Palm Beach with Sister Johnson! It was a party. That area is a blast and we just partied. We were at the chapel picking up food from a member and there was a Latin party going on and I saw the Rivera family from my first area! He was my first ward mission leader I worked with. It was so amazing to see them. Hermano Rivera definitely tried to give me a hug but went for the kiss instead. I haven't seen them since last August so it was so weird to see them all the way in Palm Beach, far from Lauderhill!

Lets talk investigators:
-Rachel and Zan. Our awesome 9 and 15 year old investigators. They are so sweet and have such a strong desire to come closer to their Savior and really understand Him. They came to church yesterday for all three hours and loved it. Zan especially is super open and wants to learn all about temples and is reading in the BOM right now! They came to church all by themselves and it was so awesome to see that.

-June. oh June. She is from China! She has been thinking about becoming a Christian and actually had a Mormon neighbor teach her in Gainsville where they lived 6 months ago. She is SO open and it is a completely new experience for both of us to teach someone who has no background in Jesus Christ, but it is amazing. She loved that was in Chinese and we showed her how to get the BOM in Chinese too since we didn't have a hard copy of it with us! It was amazing! Such a strong Spirit. As she was kneeling down to pray in our last lesson she stopped speaking and was saying the prayer in her head in Chinese. Even though I didn't hear the words that were said, the Spirit was so strong as she was praying and she could feel it. God is amazing and it is such a privilege to bring that knowledge to someone.

The work moves forward. A quote I loved from a talk yesterday, taken from the Brad Wilcox talk "His Grace is Sufficient" says, "The problem is not accepting or doing His will, but doing it without fear or hesitation." All we have to do is do it and trust in Him and it will all work out. What a blessing it is to not have to worry about it, but to just go and do.

Someone asked me this week if it felt like I had been serving for 18 months. After thinking about it I said "No it really doesn't. There have been hard times and long days but this has been the fastest 18 months of my life." IT'S TRUE. I cannot believe that time is closing in on me so fast and I am going to have to leave this beautiful state of Florida behind. It really is the sunshine state even though as I write this it is pouring outside. A part of my heart will forever be here.

ps go watch this video on Its adorable.

1: Whoo exchanges at the doctor's office.

2: Holla at these Florida skies


4: the district (also my hair started turning blonde again this week for no reason.)

5: palm beach sisters

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