Tuesday, July 5, 2016

fourth of july

I hope that you guys had a great week and got to do lots of fun stuff for the 4th of July! We had to be in the house at 7:00 last night because of safety reasons, but we heard a lot of fireworks going off. It was sad to not be able to see any of them, but we heard a lot and the finale sounded awesome.

But, more on my companion Sister Neeley! She is from the mountains of California about 2 hours north of LA and she has been out here on the mission for about 10 months. She has served her whole mission in the Miami area so far so being up her in Lauderhill is a bit of a shock for her coming from Miami Beach. She assumes that every door we knock will be Spanish so it's kind of funny when she starts speaking Spanish and they are definitely English speakers. This area is not Miami and it is a bit of an adjustment for her, but we've had a lot of fun. It is totally weird to "take over" an area and be the only one who knows where things are, who people are, etc. It was a bit of an adjustment but it has worked out fine and I haven't felt stressed at all.

Also, her Spanish is good and so we work well together. I was worried about having 2 Americans together, after being with a native Spanish speaker for so long, but its been pretty nice so far. We are working over the area again and it is really nice to have fresh eyes on an area, with new perspectives and ideas.

We have an awesome investigator right now named Byron. He is pretty Americanized, but his wife does not speak much English and they go to our ward. She is a member but he is not and he wants to learn more. He is so sweet and wants so badly to learn more about the gospel. He came to the Elders baptism on Saturday and loved it. He felt the Spirit so strongly and loved how they explained everything and the whole feel of it. We had an awesome FHE (family home evening) with them last night about the priesthood and answered all of his questions about it. His wife is awesome and she helps us so much, because when we aren't there, she is and can answer all of his questions. They have a brand new baby boy who is about a month old and he is so precious and tiny. She tried to let me hold him yesterday, but I had to tell her that I couldn't since its against the rules as missionaries. Saddest moment ever.

On Thursday, we had to bike all day. We live about 2.5 miles outside of our area, which means we biked into the area and then had to bike the 2.5 miles back up to the church for our English class. Let's just say that every missionary in the mission was sore the next day, and really not happy with the missionaries who got into the accident that caused the all bike day hahaha.

We have a new district leader and to entice us to "gather" from everyone and ask for referrals we are currently battling it out as a district in a game called "gather or die." We all have 6 lives and if we don't ask someone for a referral we loose a life. Sister Neeley and I are going to kill it and beat everyone. Plus, our district is now a "sistrict", which means there are more sisters than Elders, 6 Sisters and 2 Elders! It's totally weird but way more fun.

This week, in the Book of Mormon I was reading in Alma about Moroni and how awesome he was at preparing his people for war. He was constantly fortifying and strengthening the armies against the Lamanites and always ready. As missionaries, and as members, we too have to constantly fortify ourselves against Satan and his influences. If we don't, he will step right on in and get us. That constant preparation will help us more than we know. So, reading the scriptures, saying our prayers and going to church, are the most basic and fundamental things we need to do to protect ourselves in this time. There are no excuses, and as missionaries we tell people that all the time. There are things that you just have to do, not only because they are commandments and God has asked us to, but because they will help us and strengthen us daily and protect us from the bad influences.

#1: Sister Neeley!
#2: Sister Rianda and I in our matching Old Navy t-shirts last night
#3: We don't mess around with Independence Day
#4-5: more fun

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