Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I am now a regular missionary! We got transfer calls last night, which are basically the most stressful 5 minutes of your life. The whole zone is on a conference call and the AP's just read out everyone's new comps/areas. I am staying in Lauderhill and my new comp will be Sister Neeley! I don't know much about her but I know she has been out 7 transfers and is from California. We have transfer meeting tomorrow so I will meet her then. Sister Soza is going to Hialeah, aka the promised land because its basically all Spanish and no english #blessed. Sister Rianda will be staying in the house and "killing" her new comp and Sister Hernandez will be pinkwashing (taking over an Elders area) and training. The call was really shocking for all of us but super fun!

In other news, I hit my 4 months and cannot believe it and do not know where the time is going. We had some awesome last week transfer miracles that are going to make next transfer super great. We had an amazing lesson with Maria and Esperanza and they both want to be baptized. Unfortunately, they couldn't come to church this week but next week they said they would be there. Miracles all around. Then, on Wednesday, we got a call from someone who said we left a card in her door with our phone number and said she wanted to come to church, so we told her the time and she showed up! We were so excited and as we were talking to her, she said that she was actually a member and was baptized when she was like 9 and just went less active right after. Her husband is a non member though, so we are really excited to get over there and meet him.

The Elders in Lauderhill had a baptism on Saturday and we invited our investigator, Byron, to come. He and his member wife showed up with their new born baby. He loved the baptism and the Spirit that was there and his wife was crying because she really wants him to accept the gospel and be baptized and raise their new son in the church, the Spirit is the best.

This week there was not a lot of rain, thank goodness, and we were able to be outside talking with a lot of people. The whole mission has to use bikes and no cars starting Thursday because of an accident so that will not be fun. At least our mission wasn't affected by the dress change and we can keep the skirts and do not need to wear pants. We get to wear sunhats and sunglasses while tracting though so that is better than nothing.

We found a quote written on a piece of paper in our study room this week that I just loved. It said, "When you meet someone new, you meet a new piece of Jesus Christ." So true and so awesome. That is why we should always treat people the best that we can. A lot of times after having door after door shut on you, you could get discouraged. Or after having trial after trial happen in your life, you could be mad. One thing that I really try to remember is that eventually, everyone that rejects us now, will accept this and will be happier, and maybe say sorry for shutting the door, or yelling that bad word at us, but everyone will accept this message and even if we cannot see the fruits of our labors right now, we will eventually.

This week will be a bit of an adjustment with a new companion but everything will be awesome and we get to start somewhere fresh and new and I am taking over the area, but it is going to be amazing. The Lord will bless us for our efforts. Adios!

pic 1: we had a dart war last p-day and destroyed the Elders. It was really fun! We used PVC pipe and nerf bullets and shot them at each other... who knew?

pic 2: District picture, as well as the ZL's and AP's

pic 3: The church looked beautiful on Sunday!

pic 4: Our couch has a pull out bed that we discovered this week!

pic 5: Comp picture as usual

pic 6: "Sister Cottrell, we need to take a picture for our fans!"

pic 7: ​​Florida skies are AMAZING EVERY NIGHT​

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