Monday, November 7, 2016


WOW. What a week. First of all, I will include many pictures of the wonderful pants we now wear 24/7 (please read with as much sarcasm as possible). The pants themselves are not terrible, like they are comfortable but they do not look good on anyone. So basically, it's a good thing I'm a missionary because there is zero things attractive about these pants. But alas, 9 more months of them to come. Kill me. After our meal appointment the Elders tried to make us walk in front of them to look at our pants and we ran down 5 flights of stairs to get away from their laughing. It just looks weird to be honest.

Other than that, this week went well! Me and Sister Dimond definitely got some kind of bug or something because I was nauseous for like the whole week. I'm convinced it was food poisoning from a meal appointment. Terrible, but we went on and kept on going! Go Missionary work!

We got a few new members of our district down here in the south. We got a new District Leader and he's pretty chill so that's nice. We walked into the first District Training in our pants and they like demanded we take some pictures so those are coming as well, but its all great down here. It's just us and 4 other Elders and then there's no one for the rest of the mission. Apparently, next transfer we will be putting missionaries back into the Keys (they haven't been there all summer) and that will be super exciting to see.

This week we ate some food from some different countries. We had rice pilaf from Serbia! It tastes like normal rice pilaf to be honest but it was made by a Serbian member with her family recipe so it was extra special. The container she gave us was giant and filled with enough of it to feed 10 missionaries, so we gave some to the Elders. We also ate with a Brazilian family! There is a Portuguese branch way up in Boca Raton, but they live down here and travel up there every Sunday to be with the other Portuguese speakers. And because Elder Souza (one of the Elders we share the ward with) is Brazilian, they love him and invited us all over to eat some yummy food. We ate Feijoada, which is this beans/meat concoction and it was so good. I could have eaten so much of it. We also ate with a family yesterday who lived in China for like more than 10 years and most of them speak Chinese. Dream family life.

This week will be mostly pictures. Nothing too crazy happened except for the pants though. To answer some questions I got about them:
- We were given extra money to be able to buy them. We obviously have certain guidelines we have to follow but luckily we found 2 pairs last week that we liked. Today we have to buy more or we will go crazy.
- We are not allowed to wear ankle length skirts instead. The President of the Quorum of the 70 told Sister Richardson, "Nope. Sorry it's hot, they will have to wear pants anyway." BOO, but inspired council from our leaders so we are doing it.
- There is literally no mosquito season in Florida. Its 24/7, 365 days a year.
- We have to spray our feet and arms like 5 times a day as well. Just terrible, and there's this military grade spray that we spray onto our clothes and every bug that touches it will like die immediately. I have no idea what it is but Sister Richardson put like a billion warning labels on it.
- Basically we just wear them outside of the house. If we are in the house we can wear skirts or if we are in church meetings or mission meetings such as trainings. But it's like an all the time thing that will be staying here for a while. YAY.

Besides the pants thing, I was reading this week in Helaman and Helaman 3:35 is a verse that everyone should look up and mark! I love you all and I love this gospel. There is nowhere else I could be right now other than here. Every person I meet is placed there for me to meet and talk to. God is good.

1: I hate the Elders.


3: We are so not down for this

4: barf

5: The zone leaders brought us ties. Literally they are the worst and we all match and look disgusting, but its life now.

6: Elder Britton thought it was hilarious with the ties. He's the one in the middle.

7: The AP's made this for the Zone Leaders. So funny.

8: A gecko decided to chill on our car on the ride home. Thank goodness Sister Dimond is driving now. 12 weeks is long enough for me!

9: Sister Dimond's mom sent us these! SO CUTE.

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