Tuesday, November 1, 2016

transfer 5 done!

Nothing exciting from transfers, I am staying with Sister Dimond to finish training her for the next 6 weeks. We are so pumped, and our Zone Leaders are staying with us and now that they are chill and actually have come out of their shells and we made them crazy, it will actually be fun to share the ward now. Just kidding, they're great.

But in exciting news, the Florida Fort Lauderdale mission is the first mission in the US to wear pants. this is not a drill or a joke. I honestly wish it was. The only mission in the states to wear them and the only one in the world that has to wear them year round because there is no mosquito season in the state of Florida. Thanks Zika. Really just praying that it goes away now. Pictures to come next week of sister missionaries in pants.

For Halloween we came in at 6:00 because we can't be out teaching and knocking in doors that night so we came and painted little carvings and went to bed an hour early.

This post is so out of whack but we have to go buy pants so there is really no time! But a funny story from this week. Everyone and their dog has vivnt security here and they have these weird doorbells that have cameras and call the persons phone first so we rang the doorbell and the guy answers his doorbell and we stand there and talk with him through his doorbell for a good 3 minutes and then at the end of the conversation we said, "thank you for your time!" and he goes "thank you... for talking to my doorbell!" We died. It probably doesn't sound that funny but I promise it was.

Also, our district leader has zero privacy in the house this week and had to account with us in his pantry. We were almost on the floor laughing. Missionaries are weird and we really laugh at anything. We also had interviews this week! SO GOOD. Now we will be having them every transfer. Now all my deep doctrine questions don't have to wait 3 months at a time to be answered.

1: When you run out of miles you make deals with the zone leaders... no regrets


3: When there's more water after a storm than there was after a hurricane?

4: This little guy was just chilling on our porch... NASTY

5: Junie B Jones and a scarecrow take on the trunk or treat

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