Monday, December 5, 2016

transfer 6, week 6

It's December already?! All I want for Christmas is to know why time flies so dang fast! It's too quick, and it doesn't help that it was super hot and humid this week. It was 89 degrees one day. That's disgusting. I just want a little bit of cold! So we keep our house freezing so it feels like winter.

This week was awesome! We started out a little bit slow but, we ended up hitting our goals! We had a blitz in our area, and our whole district came and helped us knock an area. It was interesting! The Elders found someone named Akaimah. We have zero idea why people in Florida have the weirdest names but we love it. There are at least 5 times a day where we just look at each other in awe of these names. But it makes for more interesting stories! Another big thing down here is replacing the "st" in words for "sk". Examples in words such as "skrenth" or my favorite "skruggle". It is highly entertaining. We have started a list of words that make no sense.

Besides that interesting fact about my fave area, we were able to teach a lot of people and see some great miracles! We showed a lot of people the new #LightTheWorld video. I'm pretty sure I could tell you exactly what was going on in the video without watching it just by the music at this point. My favorite part is when they show Christ as a child teaching in the temple and then it transitions to Him teaching as an adult in the temple. It's so cool. The Spirit just hits so strong at that point everytime for me. I love it. Probably the best video they have.

Yesterday was also the Christmas Devotional by the First Presidency. It was super great. All about serving others and the way to keep that Christmas spirit year round. My favorite quotes:
"There would be no Christmas, had there been no Easter." If Christ had not risen, there would be no importance to celebrating His birth. The culminating act of His life was when He rose from that tomb and made it all possible for us to all rise again as well. He lived, and He died, and He still lives for us. There is no way we could understand His mercy for us. We would never be able to understand it all, but its all there for us to use! So we gotta use it!

President Eyring talked a lot about how we can have that charity year round. We need to study the Savior and follow His example. It is through Him that we can serve those around us all year. Not just at Christmas, when everyone seems to be a bit happier. We have the Lord and that is all that matters.

During the devotional, we were all in the chapel as a zone watching it and when one of the speakers mentioned that Christmas was in 3 weeks, we all gasped and then freaked out because that means 3 weeks until we get to talk to our families! It was funny to see all our reactions to hearing that. Also when the person who closed the prayer said "we also pray for our other angels, who we call missionaries..." we all had tears in our eyes. It's weird to think that all over the world there are members, other missionaries and friends just praying for your success and safety. It kind of hit us all last night as he said those words. The Spirit there was great. It's great to be a missionary right now in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission!

I hope you all have a great week and remember the meaning of Christmas this season!
Also transfers are this next week so look for that email next Tuesday! I'll probably be moving to a new area so we are just waiting to see where. It's so nerve wracking waiting to see!

1: Matching Christmas socks and our motto "work hard, stay humble"

2: Came out of a lesson and this cat was just chillin' on our car. caught a picture right as he jumped off.

3: Ghetto ice cream trucks run Miami. This one isn't even the worst one. Most of them are in old like moving trucks, it's awesome. Also it gives us knocking music that echoes in my mind every night as I try to fall asleep.

4: Proof that it was 89 degrees at 6:40pm

5: This house went way out for Christmas. You can't even see it all in this picture. There is a rotating star hanging from a tree as well as a full size Nativity on the roof. This is not a joke. They do not mess around here.

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