Monday, December 19, 2016

transfer 7, christmas

First of all, I cannot believe I just typed transfer 7. Where does time go? I remember serving with an Elder my first transfer and he said he went home in January and I literally had the thought, "oh my gosh that is so far away how will I ever make it there?" and now it's that transfer. Wow.

Second of all, Wellington. What a place. My last area in Coral Reef was ghetto so being here in Wellington is completely different. The sketchist part of this area is like 10x nicer than the nicest part of my last area, so it has been quite the adjustment. We have a lot of gated communities here so knocking is interesting. We have like 300 less miles than we need so we bike. The ward is basically an Utah ward and everyone participates and functions as its supposed to, kind of like Vanderbilt Beach was. It's interesting.

My new comp is Sister Schiers. She is from a small town in Arizona and she has been out for the same amount of time as Sister Dimond. So its interesting! She went to BYU-I before her mission too! We are way up in the Jupiter zone, at the very top of the mission. Elder Souza came up here too, so he is still my zone leader... I can't escape him. The zone is super spread out and everyone is way far from each other, so a lot different from Miami. We have some great members and are going to be working really hard this transfer.

We get to have a Christmas conference tomorrow with 3 other zones in the mission so it is going to be awesome! We have to go down into Palm Beach but it'll be great. I get to see Sister Neely, who I haven't seen since I left her. I'm pretty excited for that. We live with 2 other sisters too, so it's fun!

Really the most important thing this week is that it is Christmas on Sunday. How wonderful is it that we get to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and remember all the things He did for us. I am so grateful for Him and all He did and that right now I have the chance to serve Him 24/7 without any other distractions or worries. It's just all Him, all the time. I have been working this week a lot on charity and how we can have that same love and service as He did, for those that are around us. Its wonderful to serve those around us and even if they have difficult personalities, serving others makes you feel so much better. Its unreal how that works. Christ's love is just unreal.

So my invitation this week is that you all think about what Christ has done for you and what the real meaning of the season is. There is so many things that we need to remember in our lives, but taking just a little bit of time to remember Him and all He did, is all He asks of us this season.

1: Sister Dimond and I, last night in our dope pajamas!

2: Christmas lights included of course

3: The district here in Wellington! it'll be an interesting 4 more weeks!

4: unreal Florida

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