Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Miracles for days here in Estero! I know I have said it a million times but this one is LEGIT.

So here is the very long story that actually was just a week but felt like eternity:

On Monday night we got a text from our investigator, Thiago, the Brazilian one. He said he "wanted to talk about baptism" ...this kid wanted nothing to do with baptism like a week ago so we said HECK YES. We met with him on Wednesday and we talked and he asked when the next time he could be baptized. Good ole Sister Cottrell here, jokingly said, "well this Sunday actually!" He said, "Nah too soon, how about the 29th?" We're down. Then on Saturday morning, we are sitting in McDonald's waiting to exchange with the Cape Coral sisters and we get a text saying, "Can I still get baptized this Sunday?" WHAT WHAT WHAT? You betcha we screamed. We made some phone calls and called the ZL's in Fort Myers and asked if they could do the interview that night, and they said "Absolutely". So he had his interview and he passed. Then on Sunday morning Thiago entered the waters of baptism! He was baptized by his member best friend, recent convert and fellow Brazilian Abraham! MIRACLES.

Sister Schmidt really went out on a high note. Planned an entire baptism in about 10 minutes and all the YSA showed up! YAY! He was baptized and confirmed in Portuguese so why not?!

This week has just shown me how much we really are just instruments in the Lord's hands. There is no way I had anything to do with that miracle. I just opened my mouth and the Spirit spoke. So much joy. This is the Lord's work.

Also, transfer calls came and I get to stay here in good ole Estero YSA and my new comp is Sister Adams! I lived with her my 4th transfer and her 1st and we have always talked about being comps and now we are! There's a party in the YSA. I screamed way too loud and probably startled our neighbors. Miracle #2. I am so blessed in the comp department guys.

Jonathan also had the chance to come to Thiago's baptism and now he is even more excited for his own on the 22nd!

Here is a funny story from last night. So after the call I just like could not fall asleep so I got up and went to the bathroom. Well Sister Schmidt didn't hear me leave and saw the door open and went and shut it...and then when I came back from the bathroom the door was locked. And you have to sleep in the same room as your comp so I was like ...uhhhhh... and I just started knocking. Meanwhile, Sister Schmidt has had her house broken into on her mission in the middle of the night so she just starts freaking out and then yells: SISTER! I said, "Dude it's me. Open the door." She opened it like, "What the heck are you doing!?" I traumatized her a bit, but its all good. Miracle #3 is that she didn't come out and kill me.

I also don't know if I ever sent this out but my address here in Estero is:

19120 Miami Blvd
Ft, Myers, FL 33967



2: President Newsome, the branch president.

3: When your investigator asks if they can be baptized tomorrow.....


5: Sam and Janelle took us to I-Hop again.

6: yes dad, that is 2 tacos under 2 dollars.

7: when your mission president hands you 20 bucks for breakfast and lunch in the airport after your final interview.

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