Monday, April 3, 2017

#PrinceofPeace and milagros

WOW. General Conference was so inspiring! I loved every single second of it! There was so much to learn and be heard and if you missed any of it GO RIGHT NOW TO and watch it! Elder Costa's talk was obviously one of our faves as missionaries but Elder Oaks' was fabulous as well... GO WATCH IT AGAIN.

I forgot my notebook so I can't send my favorite quotes sorry, but it was all so good and so inspired. I loved it. And what made it even better is that our sick new gator Jonathan came and watched 3 sessions! He loved it.

I could talk about this kid all day. He is the coolest and just so real. I walk out of every lesson just grinning ear to ear because he just gets it. You can see the light that is growing inside of him. He came to conference and just ate it all up. He was so excited to hear the prophets voice and to hear and learn from his chosen apostles. Obviously, you stress a bit as a missionary, just in case they hear something that sounds super weird to them, but he just said it all made sense. God truly prepares people! His whole family is Seventh Day Adventist and he went into work this weekend and asked to get Sundays off and his boss miraculously said yes. MIRACLES MIRACLES MIRACLES! The Gospel is perfect and people are looking for it and it is our job to help them get it.

Also, there is a super dope new Easter video on and everyone should go check it out RIGHT NOW. #PrinceofPeace it's so good. Like always. I don't think they've made a bad Easter video because they are all just so powerful!

We also had MLC this week and drove on over to good ole Ft Laud. Great place. President's house is just so homey and it was so great to see everyone again! Even though we will see them in a week because it's WEEK 6 OF THIS TRANSFER ALREADY! Time goes so fast. Sister Schmidt has her final interview this week and then transfers are next Wednesday! I am praying I stay here in Estero because it is easily becoming my favorite area.

Also, the infestation of our cockroaches only caused one freakout/breakdown this week leading me all over the emotional scale this week from yelling/anger to crying on the couch. Sister Schmidt laughed the whole time and killed a cockroach for me. #truecomplove What has the mission done to my emotions?

Y'all. The church is true. There are people who are waiting to hear this message and we've gotta go share it! Don't delay a prompting to share it with everyone! The gospel is there for everyone and it is there for free. There is no cost, just effort and diligence. GO GET EM. Or as President Richardson would say: GIDDY UP!

1: our CO2 alarm wouldn't stop beeping after we deactivated it and Schmidt might have lost it...

2: Love Jonathan and YSA life

3: matching t shirts = comp unity

4: thank you giant baptist church for this very true sign

5: ESTERO YSA HOMIES (Jonathan is the Haitian in the back!)

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