Monday, August 1, 2016

byron's baptism

Hi! This week was super good and super fun! I have noticed that I say super a lot and have decided that it is my "missionary word." Every missionary seems to have a word that they just always say and mine is super. It could be worse, right?

This weekend Byron got baptized! It was so awesome! It was very spiritual, amazing and he was so ecstatic. His wife, who is already a member was crying basically through the whole thing and it was so sweet to be able to see her so happy because now they can have that eternal family that she always wanted. After Byron got baptized, he looked at me and Sister Neeley and said, "so, we have an appointment one year from now in the temple, right?" I just looked at him and said, "For sure!" but in my head I was saying, "Yes we do!" But I was much calmer on the outside. Byron was also able to receive the priesthood yesterday and now he is just right on the path to the temple next year, and since I will still be here on my mission, I will be able to go with them as they get sealed as a forever family! It is so amazing to be a missionary.

I was just thinking this whole weekend about how much joy we get as missionaries bringing souls unto Christ, like so much joy. The first half of this week, let's be honest most of the rest of the week, Satan was just working so hard to try and discourage me and Sister Neeley but we just put our minds to it, prayed a lot, and kept those positive attitudes, because it will all work out, and it did. Yay for baptisms, yay for the Spirit and yay for happy days!

Besides Byron getting baptized, this Friday we went on exchanges with the STL's and I got to go to Boynton Beach for the day. It's so nice to not have to stress about the whole day, but we got some interesting door approaches and some laughs to walk away with. We did service for one of their members and it was very hot and humid. We got nasty and gross and then didn't have time to rinse off so we probably smelled nasty all day and that's why no one wanted to talk to us. We also saw a pack of iguanas just chilling by the freeway so that was pretty cool.

This morning I was reading a talk from this last conference that talks about forgiveness. It was exactly what I needed to read this morning and it was really good. Highly recommend that you all read it. It's called, "The Healing Ointment of Forgiveness" and it will change your life. It talks about how we don't need to be a victim twice and we can use that Atonement that is not only here to help us repent, but also to help us forgive. The Savior knows that its hard to forgive and forget without feeling like justice won't be served, but as we look at others as God sees them, we will see them in a different light.

I know this Church is true and that the Savior loves each and every one of us more than we know. I hope that everyone has a great week and remembers to forgive and love everyone! Les quiero! Next week is transfers so the email will be on Tuesday and we will know if I am staying in Lauderhill (which is doubtful) or leaving and headed to a new one!

(We are currently engaged in a tag war with our Zone Leaders, who serve in the same ward with us, and we are winning, obviously)

1: Byron's baptism!!


3: Tagging the Elders back at their house. We might be a bit too into the game.

4: Sister Neeley is a magician in disguise.

5: Florida skies never get old...

6: Our members left money for us to eat dinner with, and it got wet... so we put in on the dash and it dried in approx. 40 seconds.

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