Monday, August 29, 2016

vanderbilt beach

I hope everyone had a wonderful week because it was an amazing week here in the area of Vanderbilt Beach, had lots of miracles and lots of laughs!

Fun fact: I hit my 6-month mark last week! We were at zone conference on the 24th and as I was writing down the date it hit me. If you changed 2016 to 2017 I would be on a plane ride home. It was a rough moment, less than a year left and I just barely started. Sister Rosario looked and me and laughed and then realized she goes home the same day as me and then immediately stopped laughing.

On Wednesday we had an awesome zone conference. We got to hear from our mission president and his wife as well as the assistants and got some good trainings. One thing that Sister Richardson said that I loved was that sometimes we are given challenges and trials, not so Heavenly Father can see if we can handle it because he knows we can, but so that we can know what we can handle. After trials we are able to see all that we can do and look back at it with joy not sadness. President Richardson also said that our goal, or the thing that we should always have in mind and picture should be us at the end of our missions, smiling at Christ and saying, "I did my best. I gave it my all," and having Him smile right back at us. AGREED.

We also got stuck in the rain this week, shocking, but this time it was on bikes. DEATH. We got some sympathy looks and just kept going.

THE MIRACLE. In the amazing area of Vanderbilt Beach there are a lot of people here for the CRNA program who are members. They all happen to live in the same townhouse complex, lovingly nicknamed "mini-Provo" (we were walking and 2 members stopped us to talk to us). We took our ward list and wrote down everyone who lived there so that we didn't knock their doors, just their neighbors. We felt like because so many members live there, it's a pretty prepared place, right? Well it turned out to be true. We knocked the door of Sherry and she immediately welcomed us right in to pray with her. She then listed off about 5 members names and sat us down to pray. After the prayer we were talking with her a little bit more and she told us that her and her husband were looking for a church (!) and that they felt like living there had shown them a side of members they had never seen before. She said she had been to many church activities (!) and that she had a subscription to the church magazines and she studies them every month they come (!!!!!). She welcomed us back to teach her this week and was very excited to learn more about the gospel. When we were talking with ward members yesterday they were all so excited to hear about it, and we were so grateful for their wonderful example.

We left that house jumping for joy and ran all the way down the street to our meal appointment. She is so ready and her husband is very excited to meet with us too this week. It was such a miracle! Mini Provo is the place to be. People are being prepared all the time, and we found this little family by happening to knock their door.

1: obligatory sunset picture

2: rain on bikes. dripping wet


4: I make awful faces while playing the piano

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