Monday, August 22, 2016

rain rain go away

Hello hello! No more "hola hola" as I am now serving in English, but I love it here. The area is amazing and the ward members are super awesome, the members are so willing to help. It also helps that they are all young and half of them served missions themselves so they know what to do!

This week it rained so much... The first half of the week was all rain, all day. Normally, it just rains for an hour or so but this time it was all dang day. Not fun to try & contact people and knock doors when you cannot see in front of you or when you forget your umbrella in the car... the reality of missionary work. We were able to contact a lot of people and luckily the rain and storms make people more willing to at least pray with us or talk to us for a little bit. They feel bad for shutting the doors and making us walk back in the rain. It's the little miracles!

We had to stop teaching a lot of people this week, either because they weren't progressing or they didn't want to learn more. Kinda sad but we are doing okay and have the positive attitudes we need! We are really going to focus this week on prayer. Just really making sure that every single thing that we have planned out, whether it is a former investigator to visit or anything else, that we are really taking it to the Lord because we want to find those people and teach them all about this message that we have to share! It's not fun to not be able to teach and like Preach my Gospel says, "nothing happens in missionary work until you find people to teach."

We did get to knock some super nice mansions. There are some very wealthy people here and their houses are amazing. We got to meet and talk with a few of the owners and most of them were surprisingly nice, they didn't want a lesson but they were sweet. We have decided that we are going to buy one of the houses and live in it when we are old. So look for that in my future.

One miracle that I wanted to share this week happened while we were knocking. We were talking to a man and asked if any of his neighbors needed a prayer. He said that the neighbor across the street was a good Christian woman who would probably love a prayer, so we went to her house. There was a keep out sign but we just pretended we didn't see it, and went and knocked her door. She answered and was actually pretty rude. We were a bit shocked based on what the man had told us but we just thanked her for her time and left and continued working. We didn't really give it a second thought because we have that happen all the time. About 15 minutes later as we had continued walking down the street, I heard a car pull up beside us and I looked and there was the woman! She rolled down her window and said that she wanted to apologize for the way she treated us. She said she felt bad the moment we left, and it looked like she was about to start crying. We told her not to worry and offered any service that she might need. She smiled and then drove away.

It was really a tender mercy for the day. We didn't find anyone but we were led to that street to be able to talk to her and give her that experience. I had almost forgotten about her comments, but the Lord knew how much it would brighten our spirits and make us happy, and she came and apologized! It was amazing and something that never happens so it was a big miracle. I read this morning in a talk that said "going on a mission and serving a mission are 2 completely different things." When we give ourselves over we are serving not just here. It really changed my whole perspective for the week!

I hope you all have a great day and week! And if missionaries knock on your door, give them some water! It will be greatly appreciated, promise :)

1: Naples Zone!

2: We eat dinner with the same members every week and this time they let us see their guns and then
made us take a picture. no worries, they are all unloaded and we did not shoot them!

3: Florida Sunset #1

4: When you run half a mile back to your car because its pouring rain and you have to be dry in 30 minutes for a meal appointment (we were not dry yet)

5: Florida sunset #2

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