Monday, September 12, 2016

let's pretend it's not week six

This week we had an awesome zone training, and President Richardson came, which is awesome! He drove all the way out here to see us. Just kidding it was just his turn to make the LONG drive across the entire state, but the training was really awesome. We have a mission goal every month of 100 baptisms, but we haven't been hitting it in a while. So the training was about finding those people this month, to be baptized in October, and really just a pump up 2 1/2 hour long training. Well, it worked because everyone killed it in finding this week here in the Naples Zone. We found 6 ourselves and every single one of them was a little miracle.

Sister Rosario and I are focusing on all the different methods that there are to find and so we picked the most obvious one. BE SEEN. If we aren't seen, people won't talk to us and we cannot stop and talk to them very easily in a car so... BIKE DAY! So fun. So much pain. So worth it. We biked about 20 miles, half of it in the rain, whoo! But sacrifices, because our investigator Nicole, along with 2 of her children, accepted baptismal dates! She has already prayed and knows its all true and she was so down to get baptized. She loves all the members and really does want to be baptized. 

Here in South Florida, there are a lot of people from many different countries and this week, Albania and Greece were added onto the list of different countries! I have about 50 different countries at this point, including Yugoslavia and Sri Lanka. It is so cool to see all the different countries and cultures here and I am so blessed to be in this wonderful part of the world with so many amazing people!.

This week in my Book of Mormon reading I was in Jacob. There is a verse in Jacob 4 that I really loved. It says: Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness thawe may know that it is by higraceand his great condescensions unto the children of men, that we have power to do these things. Isn't that so awesome? It goes along great with Ether 12:27. The Lord gives us weaknesses, not to put us down or sad, but so that we will turn to Him and rely on Him. If we didn't have weaknesses there would be no need for Him because we would all be perfect. NEWS FLASH, literally no one is perfect. We all fall and we all have weaknesses but they can become strengths as we rely on the Lord. 

Love you all! We are headed to Miami on Wednesday for a special mission conference (2 hour drive yay) and then next Monday is a proselyting day so look for the email next Tuesday

1: BIKE DAY, finally on the way home!

2: some people have some weird statues in their yard. This is from a Portuguese speaking woman and is now my all time favorite statue


4: post mighty prayer in the Bahia best house

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