Tuesday, September 6, 2016

week 5 has begun

First of all, GO COUGARS! Sunday morning after the game we were sitting in the chapel and I heard a bunch of people talking about it. One of the members son's who knows I went there before my mission came up and gave me the play by play. He's like 10 so it was super animated and hilarious, BUT GO COUGS. 

Okay, back to missionary work. We didn't get hit with the hurricane, just a lot of rain. We did a lot of knocking and contacting and trying to find people. Our area sort of dried up right as it was getting started, so not too much happened this week. But that's missionary work, right? I love it here in this area and really love all the members and people we get to meet. We saw some miracles and we were able to really focus on the Savior this week. 

One miracle we saw actually didn't really help us but we were able to pass an awesome referral to the YSA Sisters. We knocked into Mike who loved the prayer, and was so down to come to church. We gave the sisters his number and they immediately went to teach him. He accepted all the commitments and teachings and ended up coming to church yesterday. It really just shows that we are all on the same team and it might not have helped us out but it made us feel really good to find someone who is ready! 

We also had some interesting experiences since we were knocking a lot. We met this man while knocking and we talked with him for probably 15 minutes. He seemed open at first but then we started talking a bit more and he just went off about how God doesn't answer prayers and that at 19 and 20 years old, we know nothing so there is no way we know that God has answered our prayers. It was kind of shocking to have someone like throw that in your face. We really didn't know how to help him, if we even could so we just testified to him that we knew God had answered our prayers in the past and that He still does today. He really did not like that but we were able to leave knowing that we did all we could to show him the truth. I stood there the whole time just feeling so sorry for him and how sad it must be to believe that Heavenly Father is not watching out for us. I could really feel the pain the Savior feels for him too. Being a missionary really brings us so close to the Savior and we really can feel bits and pieces of that pain. 

We also learned about the Holy Ghost yesterday at church and here is the part of the lesson that i really liked:
To have the Holy Ghost with us we need to:
1) try honestly and sincerely to keep the commandments He has given us
2) be spiritually attuned as a receiver of divine message
3) ask in humble, fervent prayer for this gift
4) seek answers with unwavering faith
Inspiration comes to all who ASK, in FAITH. 

It was a really great lesson and will now be the focus of my studies the rest of the week! We are running this week full speed, with training tomorrow with the zone and then next week we get to have a special mission conference!!!! I hope everyone has a great week! 

1: this is why we have Elders, y'all

2: caught in the rain!

3: I stepped in this giant puddle while knocking and Sister Rosario didn't warn me! I was too focused on knocking the door and I didn't see it.

4: #work

5: The GIANT baptist church has this sign... I think its in the wrong church?

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