Monday, October 24, 2016

dorothy's baptism!


She is so amazing and her baptism was great! We actually had some ward members come, even though it was an awkward Friday morning baptism, but her brother came to support her as well as 4 other missionaries, it was wonderful. It's the best feeling in the whole world to be able to bring someone closer to Christ and to bring someone in as solid as Dorothy was amazing. Heavenly Father is so great, none of that could be possible without Him. Nothing Sister Dimond or I said did anything, but through prayer and commitments and the Holy Ghost Dorothy was baptized!

Plot twist... It is getting cooler in South Florida. It is actually the best thing in the world and it feels like Christmas came early. That is all I wanted after a miserable August.

Sister Dimond and I also ran from her first dog. We were knocking in the ghetto (best place to be) and we were walking up to this house that looked pretty abandoned. But also that there might be people there... so of course we went to knock it. There was something blocking the front entry way but I was like, "whatever I'll move it." I got right up to it when this pitbull came out of nowhere from behind the wall and leaped up like it was going to bite me. We booked it off the property and the dog literally almost jumped the wall. We ended up just laughing because it literally scared the heck out of us. So, thank you Miami.

Also, at a meal appointment we were fed amazing arroz con pollo and halfway through the meal Sister Dimond turns to me and goes: "I swallowed a bone..." Okay? You'll survive right? Then she goes, "and it's stuck..." Well, that is not good. After eating about 2x as much as she had room for, then calling the mission nurse, the bone finally went down about 5 hours later. She's a survivor.

Honestly this week was so focused on the baptism, and yet we were still able to find and teach a ton of people! Dorothy passed her interview on Wednesday night perfectly, (even though she didn't understand why we couldn't be in the room with her) and then we got to meet with Courtney, the 14 year old investigator. She truly has a strong desire to be baptized but her mom is still kind of holding back on the permission. We have faith that she will be baptized soon and are really just praying that it happens this Saturday. Courtney has such a strong testimony and we are going to help her no matter what it takes!

1: When you have 45 minutes to fill the font... take selfies

2: Dorothy and her brother!

3: Yay!

4: Baptisms! (shout out to Elder Mears for baptizing her!)

5: When you walk out of the library on p-day and a Jehovah's Witness stops you to hand you a pamphlet... so you hand them one back.

6: the wonderful miracle text our district leader sent out....they actually got no work done that day because #traffic

7: when you look disgusting at the end of the day but you gotta take a selfie.

8: Miami stop signs...

9: Shout out to all the senior missionaries in this mission... they are the best and they text pictures to your family after you pass your cleaning inspection! (shout out to the 9 months of Elders we are still cleaning up after)

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