Monday, March 13, 2017

florida is getting hot

Update on the week. We had FHE with the YSA at an arcade and I learned how to play pool correctly. So watch out. I actually suck still but we made progress.

I went on an exchange with the sisters in Vanderbilt Beach again. It was really funny because after we prayed about which sister we needed to go with and where I looked at Sister Schmidt and said, "Heavenly Father just needs me to go back to Vandy again because apparently I didn't find all the people I needed to." Apparently I just needed 2 extra days there and not a whole other transfer. Good to know I did what I needed to now though! It was way fun and it was a party and we got 7's tacos because that is what you do where you're in Naples.

We also had a great zone training. It was weird this time because we already knew what it was going to be on because we went to MLC but, it was still really good. The Zone Leaders put us in charge of an activity and so we shaving cream pied them in the face as the prize. Don't put us in charge Elders. It was hilarious. But now we are scared for the retaliation.

Also, we have been on the YSA hunt in all the cities and towns and areas that we cover and it has been awesome. We were able to pass 10 referrals this week to the different areas and God blessed us with a miracle. Thaigo is from Brasil and is living with one of our Recent Convert YSA's and he came to church and LOVED IT. We are super excited to meet with him tomorrow, not only to teach him the Resto but also because we are meeting at the Brasilian food truck with the amazing burgers. BOOM.

At sacrament meeting there were 55 YSA! That is a miracle. The branch president said it was the most they had ever had!

This email is really just all capitalization, but when you are doing the Lord's work, you get a little excited. I was reading this week in Isaiah 12:3 that says, "Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation." WITH JOY. The Gospel is all about joy and I have seen that on my mission and I know that the Gospel brings us the most joy possible. Without a doubt. There is no greater, truer, more amazing joy than there is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also in sacrament meeting yesterday the speaker said, "You never stand taller, than when you're on your knees." That is my new fave quote (for this week at least)

Guys, the Gospel is true and the Book is blue. Have a great week!


2: Elder Celestin got way too into this... poor Elder Adams

3: THE WHOLE FAM. way too confusing to explain so its really just a bunch of missionaries to y'all

4: Weird filter on this pic but...the NEW NAPLES NIKE ZONE

5: Elder Adams giving me the evil eye off to the side and Elder Flores saying his last words apparently....

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