Monday, March 27, 2017


This week was fantastic with so many blessings.

I really say that every week, but its because missionary work is literally the best thing in the world and God always comes in clutch with some miracles. This week the dreaded stomach flu hit our house and I got sick. Y'all I am literally the worst patient ever, ask Sister Schmidt. I did not want to nap, or stay inside or take it easy. Also I hate not being able to eat when you're sick, so I ate anyway...bad idea but oh well. She declared me well enough on Friday to go work. Even through the flu, every night we had important appointments that we had to go to and there were so many miracles because of it.

Tuesday- we went down to Naples and met with one of the Bishops, then followed up with a referral the Spanish sisters gave us and he was super cool. Stevenson is from Haiti and has been here for 6 years. #nationsofhaitians. I have always wanted to be able to send out that hashtag and I was finally able to. Dreams do come true.

Wednesday- We met with Sade! She is doing great and we were able to teach her boyfriend George who also wants to be baptized. Baptizing boyfriends is the YSA life. I love YSA so much, and we met with our Brazilian investigator Thiago and taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he just lit up as we were teaching. He said "it all makes sense." Yes it does!

Thursday- we had institute and they were teaching about the reason we are here and why bad things happen to good people and it hit me. The Gospel and the Atonement make up for every little thing that seems unfair in this life. Everything will be made up to us x100. We can't even fathom that!

On Friday we had a full day exchange with Bahia, the Spanish sisters and I was with Sister Staffieri, she is on her 4th transfer and is a boss and loved YSA for the day. We taught our investigator Jonathan and he is my favorite. We asked him why he wanted to come to church and he said "well, because, you need to GET LIT and PRAY." Like wow, great answer. Thank you so much. He then mentioned that Jesus was the "Jordan" of the Bible and we almost lost it. Maybe a little sacrilegious but pretty funny.

We had a fantastic time at Women's Conference. It was at our branch president's castle. You read that right. It's giant and so gorgeous and my favorite place. I could stay there forever. We got to watch it on these super nice chairs and it was hard not to fall asleep. I forgot my notes on it but I loved Elder Eyring's talk about how all of us can go to the rescue of those around us and we cannot delay the call to go. Super inspired and super great.

In sacrament meeting yesterday a member compared missionaries to Harry Potter, because we are in world within a world just like Harry Potter. That made me pretty happy!

Last night, we were teaching our investigator Thiago and we were teaching him the Plan of Salvation, or our Heavenly Father's plan for us. And as Sister Schmidt was teaching and testifying of the pre-mortal life, before we came to this earth, the Spirit just came into my mind and said, "You knew him before this life and he told you to find him." WOAH. WHAT? I know without a doubt that I knew Thiago before this life, and he told me that I was going to need to help him find this Gospel and accept it into his life. There is no doubt in my mind. The Spirit is so real and I know that even if Thiago doesn't get baptized right this second, he will, and that I was supposed to be a part of his journey from way before we even met. Being a missionary is literally the best.

1: Look at all those gators! We went to The Everglades Wonder Garden this week and took some cool pictures!

2: Yours truly

3: Typical pic time

4: Definition of our companionship in the background there

5: Bahia North Sisters!

6: Look at that comp unity on a gator

7: Comps 4 life, just kidding, I'm killing her in 2 weeks!

8: Yes everyone, I Sister Cottrell, touched a turtle. It almost peed on me.

9: These trees are called "strangler trees" and they are huge and beautiful.

10: Welcome to my castle

11: Some of our boss YSA at the Women's Conference party!

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