Monday, March 6, 2017

sarcastic duo in estero

Hello! I am still here in Estero YSA and loving every second of it! It's awesome and the YSA here make it amazing. At transfers, there were so many missionaries going home and so many new ones! Sister Soza and I said goodbye and then I ran before we cried, but so is life. The mission is full of greenies so it's bringing in some fun aspects to it!

My new companion, Sister Schmidt is great. She is from Sandy, UT and is going home this transfer and then to BYU-I in the fall! Also, we are the same person. We're both so sarcastic and last night we realized it was probably good that we were in YSA because you can just be so real with them and joke around and be totally sarcastic. There is a lot of sarcasm and sass coming from this coast. We were talking with one of the AP's on Saturday and he called us the "two sassiest sisters we've got," so that is what we are known as. It's all good though because we can talk and talk for hours and there's still more to talk about!

We had MLC, Mission Leadership Council, this week so we had to get up early and drive all the way back in to Fort Lauderdale for a 4 hour meeting, but we got to see all the leadership all over again! We have those meetings like once a month and it's really cool to see how the mission is progressing in all the other areas. We have great zone leaders here! I'm serving again with Elder Adams, who was my district leader when I first came in, aka my "dad" in the mission, so that is pretty cool. President just doesn't trust me because he stuck me back with my mom last transfer and now with my dad!

Our second counselor in the branch spoke yesterday in fast and testimony meeting and talked about how if we want to achieve goals, we have to just go do it. But he used a funny analogy. He said, "If you want milk in your fridge, just go buy milk and stick it in there. If you want to achieve something just go do it. Make the plan and do it. The gospel is the same. Go study it. Go learn about it." Basically the Gospel is milk guys. JUST GO STUDY IT. I loved that analogy because it's so simple. It doesn't take 5 hours a day to learn things in the gospel, but we do have to take that time to study it and to learn about it and little by little we learn and improve in our knowledge.

1: I do have this terrible picture of me and Sister Schmidt from January that Sister Soza took. IT WAS A PROPHECY.

2: Sister Soza's fortune. I died.

3: We snapped this one real quick before emailing. Don't judge guys, its p-day. we can't always look good.

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