Monday, June 26, 2017

"don't worry, about a thing, cuz every little thing, is gonna be alright"

This song has been stuck in my head for 5 weeks so it seems fitting to use it as my subject line. Pretty sure it stays in there because God is constantly reminding me that it's all in His hands. 

We had zone conference on Tuesday in Coral Springs and I got to head on back to my baby chapel. It was sad to say goodbye to President and Sister Richardson but they have been seriously the best Mom and Dad out here that we could have had. They just love us so much. They fly home this week and then President and Sister Garns will be with me for my last 7 weeks and I am very excited for the chance we have to go to MLC next week and get the sneak peak preview before all the missionaries. It's going to be a great 3 years with them here and we are going to miss President and Sister Richardson so much. 

Then, on the way back from Zone Conference we did an exchange with the sisters way up in Port St. Lucie. Sister Albrecht and I partied all day and topped it off with some McFlurries because that is the only way to end an even better day. It was so funny. We ran into some crazy people who literally just talked themselves in circles and made zero sense but it was awesome. We were able to meet sweet potentials for us here in Royal Palm. 

On Wednesday, we had  a pretty normal day. I made Mac and Cheese at 9:45 because I hadn't eaten dinner all day and was starving. 

On Friday, we were on an exchange with the sisters in Wellington and I got to go back for the day! WHOOP WHOOP! It was beyond weird being back in that area but it was awesome. I loved it and we got to teach their boss gator Colleen and set her to get baptized soon. We went back to the one ghetto street in Washington to OYM and talk to as many people as possible and ran into a guy that I met when I was there who just wanted to talk to us about Rastafarians and his breath was straight alcohol. It was so funny. He's crazy but he definitely knows the missionaries super well and he'll remember us 2 white girls who stood there and listened to him for 20 minutes while he was drunk. We also had a comp study with our DL and he's just the best. It was all about how we can follow the Spirit.

Saturday, we had a comp study with the APs and it lasted for 5 million years. It was so fun and hilarious. They are so great. I had the chance to serve with all of them previously and they are just a party. It was an amazing comp study on setting expectations with the sisters before we actually do the exchanges so that they can be as effective as possible. It was right after an awesome Zone Conference training... so it was just a spiritually powerful week! Then afterwards we went to Panda Express for lunch and who did we see? The APs of course! Man, they're the best. 

After this long week I was so grateful for the chance I had on Sunday to go to church and partake of the sacrament. It really is the most important part of our week. It was so comforting and so amazing to feel of that Spirit and to know that I did everything I needed to that week and that God was watching out for us here in our little congregation of Royal Palm. WHAT /A BLESSING THE SACRAMENT IS. 

I saw on a couple other emails a list of "things I've learned the last (blank) months" so I'm gonna do one as well... so here is 16 Things I've Learned the Last 16 (!!!) Months:
1. open your mouth and talk to everyone
2. the gift of tongues is so real
3. boys do stupid things even on missions lol
4. quesadillas are the best lunch
5. ice cream makes any day a lot better
6. you cannot change people's agency but you can change their perspective
7. transfers are 100% INSPIRED
8. prayer is anytime, any place, any situation
9. write EVERYTHING down
10. Charity is the most important thing ever. without it we have NOTHING
11. dedicating the time to God, whether its 5 minutes,5 hours, or 5 days brings SO MANY MIRACLES
12. God knows what will happen way before I do so I really need to trust Him in every situation. He knows best :)
13. making arrepas and empanadas is SUPER easy and delicious 
14. Latins make the best rice
15. Time goes so fast
16. I love tender mercies, those little miracles that GOD sends JUST FOR ME. 
there are so many more I could put but these are the first ones that came to me 


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