Monday, June 12, 2017

walking through puddles all day, everyday

In Royal Palm this week we did muchas cosas. I really don't know where to start but....we're gonna try.

OK, Tuesday we had DT and a less active also took us to Golden Corral and I did not like it. I almost puked afterwards... but she was Spanish speaking so I got to practice some of my Spanish and I am grateful for that! We also took ice cream down to some of our sisters who were sick this week and talked some more with them.

Wednesday, I don't remember what we did because I didn't write anything down in my planner... but I know that the sun did come out on Wednesday for the first time in like a week and it was amazing.

Thursday was good ole weekly planning and then we had a new member lesson for Eric all about Temples! It was so good! The families in this ward are boss at teaching the lessons and we didn't have to say a thing! Thank goodness for awesome members. Another member fed us giant steaks and afterwards I couldn't move because my body apparently cannot digest that much meat.

Friday, we went on a full day with the sisters in Palm Beach North and I got to go with Sister Rosario again! It was so much fun to go back and be comps and be able to talk about all our adventures in Naples and everything that has happened since then! That was all the way back in August so it has been a while and it was so awesome to be with her. I got to spend the night in the nicest mission house ever and chill with my granddaughter Sister Bingham! It was a party.

Saturday, we exchanged back and then that night we taught our member's friend! Our member is just home for the summer from BYU and he got home from his mission last July and he texted us and said that his friend wanted to hear the discussions! So of course we went over and taught him and he is super chill. Sister Mills and I were super excited because we got to teach a YSA (she served YSA too) so we were right in our comfort zone. To make it even more perfect, the member went straight back into missionary mode and was speaking at the exact right moments and not saying anything crazy like some members do. It was a solid lesson and we are going to be seeing him this week as well!

Yesterday was a basic Sunday. Church went really well and we were able to meet a lot of the new families that just moved into the ward. They are all so fired up about missionary work so we are pumped to go over and meet them and help them do some member missionary work! Royal Palm is growing fast y'all. The family that we ate dinner with had a lot of dogs so afterwards I took a Benadryl because I was dying and couldn't breathe and then I was super loopy and couldn't stand up so Sister Mills took me home and I forgot about 2 hours of my day. Pretty sure my already exhausted body can't handle drugs like that anymore but we made it to today haha!

I wanted to share a quick quote from President Monson. He said "He lived for us. And He died for us. What can we, in return, give to Him?" So my question for all of you this week is, What can you give to your Savior this day/week/month/year? We all have something to give in return and we can show our love to Him in so many ways! Always remember that!

1: When the sun came out after 6 days of rain

2: This was our view all week man


4: Guys, we made a board to get the ward pumped for missionary work and the Bishop loved it. and I had to be crafty all by myself because Sister Mills is 0% crafty... I need Sister Adams back.

5: House picture (Sister Davis and Sister Cohen in wellington!)

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