Monday, June 5, 2017

summer in florida

WOW. What a week. We drove all over the place and had a billion meetings but it's all chill guys. Sister Mills and I have both survived a full summer here in Florida and we are ready to do it again... just kidding because you are never ready for a Florida summer.

We went to Belle Glade for p-day and it was an adventure. We ate at this place called Dixie Fried Chicken... and it was actually super good and Sister Mills and I got matching t-shirts. Then on Wednesday, we drove ALL the way up to Stuart and Port St Lucie to see some of our sisters up there and the drive was GORGEOUS. PSL is like a cape and we have to go over this huge bridge to get there... so basically the same as Cape Coral. But all we had time for was that and a lesson with a recent convert here named Eric who is SO awesome. Love that guy.

Then, we had MLC on Friday so we drove to Ft Lauderdale again. It was President and Sister Richardson's last MLC before the new mission president so it was super tender and sweet. They are the best. The training was SO good. We talked a lot about how we as leaders can be that example towards those around us and really just teach by example. There is nothing better that we can do. We also bought Burger King crowns and wore them while we were in front of everyone accounting for our area... gotta work with the Royal in Royal Palm Beach.

We also made it back to Lox this week and as we were visiting a less active we found her family members holding a little small group bible study and they asked if we wanted to join... so of course we did! It was very eye opening for both Sister Mills and I. They were all so confused and had so many differing opinions. It was crazy to me how many things they just didn't have the knowledge of. We were pretty quiet just observing for most of the time, but as we both bore testimony of the things that we did know, the Spirit just came in! The rest of the time the Spirit was not there because there was just so much confusion. It was shocking to me honestly. The entire time the Spirit was just testifying of the truthfulness of the message we share everyday and that the church is true. There is nothing more to say. I am just so grateful for the knowledge I do have and for the chance I have to share it with everyone I meet!

Summer in Florida has 100% come upon us. The rains have come and they literally haven't left all week. Thank goodness for chacos. We got stuck on a blitz with our district in the rain and we all met back up and stood under some random person's garage overhang thing. We were soaked.

We got a lot planned out for this week so that we can go hard and find and see those miracles that God has in store for this area. We know that He has got a path for us and we just need to follow it to find those people who truly need the Gospel right now! Also 2 different people sent me this quote this week so it must be MUY IMPORTANTE: "Our responsibility is to prepare ourselves, to live worthy of the association of the Savior, to deport ourselves in such a way that we would not be embarrassed if He were to come among us. That is a challenge in this day and age" Super true and full of hope. We just need to do our best to be worthy and to be the very best self that we can possibly be.


1: Good ole Lox

2: ROYALS (sing the Lorde song as you read that...)


4: After that bible study and people yelling at each other because they don't listen when you give them the truth.

5: When you do family history and go all the way back to 100 BC

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