Monday, October 3, 2016

conference gems and a gun?!

It was General Conference this weekend and we got to hear some amazing messages from our prophet and apostles. It was incredible! Missionaries + General Conference = happy missionaries. I don't know if we could have handled all the stress of missionary work this week without it. The messages are so different as a missionary and you just get to hear things from so many different views.

This week was also a week of firsts. Sister Dimond got to hit up her first sketchy apartment complex, and let me tell you... it was beyond sketchy. We ran out of there as soon as we met with the members. It was not a great place to be, but we were protected and safe now. I also said something that I never thought I would say in my entire life (Mom and Dad, maybe skip this part). I actually uttered the words: "Okay Sister Dimond, if we see ONE more gun... we can leave." No worries though. We didn't see another one. Never thought I would ever have a reason to say those words until I came to Miami, but its just our area. It's interesting and amazing at the same time. We are going to try to get a picture this week of what it looks like on a typical day in Goulds (the name of the town). It should be interesting.

Also, 2 of our neighbors had some rockin' parties this weekend until the late hours of the night which was interesting to try and say prayers with some music across the street. Another first, we were knocking and heard the radio from someone's car and Sister Dimond said: "Wow I love this song." And I didn't know it! It was some song from the summer that I don't think I'm sad at all I missed, but dang... it made me feel like I had been out here forever!

-"As you share your testimony, your faith and confidence will grow." (Hales)
-"Prayer is essential in developing faith." (McConkie)
-"Are you really praying or are you just saying prayers?" (Uceda)
-"All the Lord expects of us is to try, but we have to really try." (quoted by Elder Cornish from President Hinckley)
-"Stop feeling guilty for insufficiencies you have in sharing the gospel." MISSIONARIES.
"You cannot judge your efforts based on how people accept you"
"The Lord needs you to be more involved." Talking to members and missionary work. (Anderson)
-"Do you realized the Book of Mormon is for you? The people of that time saw our day and wrote it for us? The things that they treasured most for years, is now available in your hands." (Stevenson)
-"Knowledge doesn't always come as fast as we want. Wait patiently on the Lord and His timing." (Bassett)
- All of Elder Yamashita's talk to missionaries.
-"What could be better than sharing the gospel with all? Pray not just for the missionaries to find them but also for you to help. Our own conversion is measured by our willingness to share what we have." (Oaks)
-"We need to know the perfect plan that Heavenly Father has for us." (President Monson)
-"I have learned to suffer with joy." (Nelson)
-"Embrace the less actives like you embrace the recent converts" (Ballard)
-"Exercise faith. Follow Him. Serve Him. Believe Him. (Bednar- read this for real!)
-"As you live the gospel your testimony will grow and be protected." (Rasband)
-"The reach of the Atonement is infinite but will never be forced upon us." (Renlund)

Okay that was a lot of quotes but it was just so good. Everyone should go back over these talks and read them and really ponder them. There were so many others that I didn't even mention. There is something in Conference for all of us!

1: Comp pic of the week

2: We look disgusting but #missionaryworkprobs

3: When you finally get your house organized after Elders


5: This is the face of a very sad Harry Potter fan. Found this in a members home. WHAT IS IT?!

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