Monday, October 17, 2016

planting seeds

WOW, this week was great. So, South Miami didn't really get any damage so we aren't doing any clean up down here, but the ward members did go up north this weekend to help out. We are very grateful that we are spared and continuing to pray for those affected, especially in Haiti and Cuba.

This last p-day we went to the zoo. The Miami Zoo is amazing. It is so beautiful and thanks to an amazing member, we got to go for free! Blessings all around. Then we got the week started with a zone training on Tuesday about how we need to get more people to church, because you can't get baptized without coming to church. So we did that and one thing that I really liked from it was "If you are doing the work, you can't do a bad job." It's so comforting to know that as long as we do our part as missionaries, it doesn't matter who accepts us or not.

But, thank goodness people do accept us. Dorothy is getting baptized this Friday! She came to church and loved it yet again and just loves us. She calls us her daughters every time we are over there and just loves us. It's like having our own little grandma out here. We went over the questions with her last night for the interview and she "pre-passed" with flying colors. of course. there were no doubts in my mind. She's very excited and leaves little pamphlets out for her brother to read... go Dorothy!

Also, we had a lesson with our girl Courtney. She's 14 and has been coming to church for about a year and a half now but never got permission to be baptized. She told us that her grandmother and mom were okay with her being baptized and she will be baptized the 29th of this month! We were so excited and she is just really pumped for it all. She wants one of her friends to do it which is going to be so much more special! It was a really awesome day and just great news to hear!

We also went on a full day with our STL's this week. Sister Dimond went to Riverside for the day. Riverside is Miami Miami. I was scared to send my baby there but she did good, it was fun! Also super weird to not be with her for the day, but the STL's were also both sick so we took EXTRA precautions and cleaned everything when they left. We cannot get sick here in the October #Huntfor100.

Our mission is really heating up and getting excited for the month of October. Our baptism goal every month is 100, but we've been seriously slacking and not achieving it. BUT, everyone is working so hard so far this month and we are going to get it. We all have so much faith to find them and get them baptized in this month and we are so excited that this weekend we get to contribute to that number!

Also got some great news from Vanderbilt Beach, my last area! One of the AP's was on exchanges with our ZL's who we share the ward with and at our meal appointment he told me that Nicole and her kids, who we were teaching last transfer had gotten baptized this weekend!!!!!!!!!!! AND that Guyrlene, who me and Sister Rosario found while knocking got baptized on Saturday too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOO planting seeds and working on the same team is amazing. It was great news and I am so happy to hear that! They were all so wonderful and I am forever grateful that I got to be a part of their journey!

1: At the zoo!

2: Bruce Springsteen is in hiding as a dentist

3: When your Mission President says pack up and then nothing happens

4: Here's a better sunset dad... We have palm trees

5: Comp pic after a long nasty day of sweating. When is it going to cool down?


7: We found this awesome golden elephant at the zoo


9: #stop

10: She's not my daughter... she held a ferret. Nasty.

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