Monday, October 10, 2016

miracles and a hurricane

Hello, hello! We survived a hurricane this week! On Wednesday morning we got a text from our mission President to pack our go bags and wait for further instructions and then at 9am he evacuated 4 of the 9 zones to the chapels. Thank goodness it wasn't ours because while we had to stay in the house for 35 hours, we got to sleep in our own beds which was a blessing. It ended up going more north and didn't even hit the mission. Missionary prayers were answered! It turned and went up but we were still praying for those that it affected, I'm just grateful that it wasn't us! There were people going insane. There was no gas anywhere. The lines were like down the street to get some. It was CRAZY. We just got some wind and hard rain down south though.

Besides the miracle of the hurricane missing us, we were blessed with so many more miracles this week!

Tuesday, me and Sister Dimond both felt super prompted to knock a certain street when we looked on the map and so we went and started knocking. At first nothing was happening. Then we knocked on a door and found Kim. She let us in and we prayed with her, and then she asked if we had a pamphlet we could leave. We taught her and she loved it and was so excited to learn more. She accepted a date for the 29th of October. We were so excited and could see the way the Lord is preparing people all around us! We left a Book of Mormon with her and she was so excited to read it. She said she would start as soon as we left. Unfortunately she didn't come to church but we are meeting with her tonight.

Then we go to Friday, after the hurricane. As a mission, at 5:00 every Friday, we knock to find families. So we were knocking this area and knocked into G and M. We asked if they wanted a prayer and G says: "I'm actually a member!" He's been less active for about 10 years but immediately invited us in and M started asking us all kinds of questions about the church and we did our best to answer them all as fast as she was giving them. She really has a sincere interest in learning more, and even though she has no religious background, she wants her 3 children to be raised in the church. G was raised in the church,in Utah, so he knows how much it helps when they're kids so he was very excited to see us there. They invited us back Saturday night for dinner and the best Key Lime Pie I have ever eaten. I don't know how she did it, it was incredible. We shared the rest with them and she really wants to get baptized, but they aren't married. So we gotta work on that first! It was amazing to find our vision family that we had set and we left in complete shock. It was just a week full of miracles.

We are also working with Dorothy. She's a 65 year old woman who is super sweet. She was a bible referral and loves learning and reading. She has been to church 2 times and will be baptized next week. She came to church yesterday and said to the teacher: "I just gotta say somethin' I've been itchin' to say, Joseph Smith was a prophet..." and then bore her testimony on the Book of Mormon and the church. We were just so happy this week with all the lessons and investigators and miracles that we have been able to see. Dorothy is progressing so well and reads everything we leave with her and asks a ton of questions so that she makes sure she really understands it. She already told us she wants us to meet her brother and teach him, so she's already doing missionary work herself!

This week I read a great quote about member missionary work. It's from President Eyring and about how we all need to share what we have. He says, "All of the people that we meet here will know what we had when we were here and will wonder why we didn't share it with them. They will know that we knew the truth, and will know we didn't share it." It just shows how important it is that we share with everyone the things that we know. There shouldn't be anything holding us back, we should share it and we will be able to see blessings.

To me at home, it was so much harder to share the gospel with friends and people I saw everyday. As a missionary it is so much easier to walk up to random people and just share it with them. Elder Oaks or Hales, I don't remember shared at conference that it doesn't matter the length of time you have known someone, share it. So that is my invitation: share the gospel with someone this week. Post a picture on Instagram or Facebook or something. Share the light!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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