Monday, January 23, 2017

hello from YSA!

First of all YSA is not bad at all. It is super awkward to walk up to people who are your same age and all that stuff. But the branch out here is amazing. There are about 30 people that come to sacrament meeting and there are so many of them that are recent converts. It's awesome! Of course there is a list of 600 names of people that need to be going to our branch but we get to go through all that stuff! We get to go to FHE and Institute, which is weird because I have never been to Institute because its just a class you take at BYU, so it is really awesome. YSA is going to be great.

Also, I am back with Sister Soza. It has been so weird but also so wonderful. It's kind of unreal. The first few days I was literally having so much deja vu but it has been great. During weekly planning we might have had a minor breakdown about it and the fact that she only has 6 more weeks left is crazy. We might have cried when she said, "I saw you teach your first Restoration lesson and you are going to see my last!" It's so weird. At transfers everyone was just like, "That's not fair!" and whenever President would look at us, we just laughed. It's going to be a crazy transfer.

I am exhausted, but being a missionary is so exceptional. There are a few more responsibilities as STL's and our area is huge. We have awesome sisters that we are over and its going wonderfully so far! We drove up to Cape Coral, which is 45 minutes from our house and not even the top of the area, but it was gorgeous. We got to meet the sisters that are up there.

I feel like I am reliving my first transfer because we have to call the AP's 3 times this transfer to account on the sisters and things like that and the AP that we account with is the elder who was my first DL, who we accounted with way back in Lauderhill... it was just too much deja vu. I am a greenie again! I LOVE IT.

That's basically it from this week. We were walking around one of the college campuses this week talking to everyone and it was super weird and it made me miss college for about 0.2 seconds before I realized that I don't want to study!

Everyone: go read President Nelson's talk from last conference! It's so good and will change your life! "Joy and Spiritual Survival"

19120 Miami BLVD
Fort Myers, FL 33967


2: As are the famous Soza/Cottrell car pictures

3: Las hermanas in Cape Coral after a fire exchange!

4: Selfie Sundays

5: The bridge to cape coral is unreal! I really wish pictures could show how amazing it is!

6: The planner I made for Sister Soza's last transfer!

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