Monday, January 30, 2017

i fell off my bike

Life is good here in Florida and we are loving the YSA life. It's freaking awesome and the members are the bomb. Like more than half of them are recent converts and they are all amazing. We had FHE last Monday and it was great. Also, we get to go to institute every Thursday. So many awesome things about YSA. The only not awesome thing is how big our area is! We cover the entire stake which is the entire west coast of our mission. IT'S HUGE. It takes us 45 minutes on the freeway to get to the sisters in Cape Coral and that's not even the top border! It's crazy, but we also get to spend a lot of time in the car talking, so that's a benefit.

I also did my first exchange this week with the sisters in Rio Vista, a Spanish ward in Fort Myers! I loved it up there! Its like a small town and everyone was super nice. What was not fun was the food. Dang, my stomach has lost its ability to pound Latin food like nobody's business. I was a mess after 3 meals in 3 hours. Shout out to all the Latinos trying to make me sick with their amazing food. I miss that.

We also had a bike day because someone else got into an accident. And guess what? It happened. I fell off my bike into a hole. Sister Soza was laughing before she even made sure I was okay (I am) and she also snapped some wonderful pictures. It was terrible but hilarious. It is what it is. It finally happened. Then karma came and got Sister Soza when she dropped her entire purse into the toilet. So I snapped some pictures too. Life back with your trainer is hilarious. It has been so weird but so amazing!

There were some changes made this week to the missionary schedule but I have zero idea what any of it actually means. More info next week after zone conference this Wednesday in Hialeah. I won't get to see my baby Dimond but she's up in West Palm killing it so it's all good.

We are seeing lots of miracles here in YSA and finding a lot of cool people. Even if they don't accept the Gospel right now, we were able to plant a lot of seeds this week and meet people at the exact moment that they needed it. Also, a part member family eternagator (eternal investigator) got baptized this last week in Wellington on the date that we set with him when I was there! Miracles all around. It seems to happen with me a lot, that investigators get baptized right after I leave, but it doesn't matter because they are all coming into the fold and being awesome! I never want to come home.

1: Giant tree = take a picture

2: Happy days

3: When you find matching dresses at a thrift store for a dollar!

4: The Naples and Fort Myers Zones at the missionary broadcast. (we as YSA cover all of these missionaries areas... see how big it is?!)

5: I FELL. Literally into a drainage ditch but whatever, I am alive. s/o to Soza for getting this gem.


7: Florida skies for life.

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