Tuesday, January 17, 2017

transfer 8: plot twists

This transfer has a whole bunch of plot twists so get ready:

1) I am leaving Wellington after just 5 weeks!
2) I am staying in English!
3) I will be going to a YSA (18-30 year olds) branch... back to Naples!
4) I will be serving as an STL (Sister Training Leader, they cover about 8 sisters and go on exchanges and things like that and are a part of the mission leadership! It's crazy!)
5) and the biggest one of all... I'M GOING BACK WITH SISTER SOZA!!

To refresh your memories, Sister Soza is my trainer and we are going to be companions again!! IT'S CRAZY. You almost never get the same companion again. We are going to be comps when I hit my year mark and also, this is her last transfer so I will be killing her! IT'S SO CRAZY. This is going to be the best transfer ever. When President Richardson called last night he said, "Sister Cottrell, you're my new STL and you will be in Estero YSA with.....your momma!" He said "I can already hear the screams on Wednesday when you two get back together!" He is the best. We cover all the sisters in Naples and Ft. Myers (all the zones on the west coast) and our area covers 2 whole zones of YSA! AH! Super exciting though, even though its YSA... just kidding, it is going to be unreal.

PUES, besides that I had a great last Sunday/ birthday here in Wellington! Lots of cake and yumminess and it was great. I am no longer a teenager and I am an old 20 year old! When did that happen!?

We had an amazing miracle on Sunday and had 8 investigators at Sacrament meeting! A Spanish family we have been teaching all came and so did 2 part member families! It was crazy! We were running all over the place, but the ward was happy there were so many people so Sister Cottrell is leaving Wellington with a bang. Peace out.

Also, the ward that meets before us on Sundays had a special visitor yesterday in their sacrament meeting... MITT ROMNEY just casually walks in. He's here for the Polo Races here in Wellington and they just causally attended sacrament meeting. It's no big deal. Wellington is also home to Bill Gates (we found his house), Vanilla Ice (found him too) and Tommy Lee Jones (still on the lookout).

Also I got into my first car crash ever. No worries though. We were driving up to Jupiter and we had just gotten off the freeway and we were waiting at the light and this semi truck thing just straight backed into us. Me and Sister Schiers screamed from the backseat and we were honking but he didn't hear and then just got back on the freeway and drove away! It was crazy! The car isn't too damaged at all but it was quite an adventurous week.

I have loved it here in Wellington but I guess I'm needed in YSA (not super pumped about that) but hey, its going to be a freaking party. Get ready FFLM because the mother-daughter duo is BACK.

1: Hilarious sweatshirt I wanted to buy but didn't... it says "we are eternal" YES WE ARE.

2: The sisters made me a beautiful cake :)

3: Hermanas plus Elder Conder being... Elder Conder? I don't even know but we all look cute so..

4: This is the only zone picture we got and it is  terrible but hilarious. What is everyone even doing?

5: Sunday selfies

6: These are the cookies we got from an older man named Jim. We were out knocking on doors and we prayed with him and then kept knocking and as we were walking back to the car he comes running out and hands us these cookies. He lives alone and was super happy and it made us so sad that no one was there with him and he did this selfless thing and gave us some of his cookies. THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE OUT THERE! We can all be a little more like Jim!

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