Tuesday, February 21, 2017

i touched an alligator!

I TOUCHED AN ALLIGATOR Y'ALL. I do not have pictures of proof because they are on an elders phone and I don't have them at the moment, but I did. Last p-day we went to the Rookery, it's a bike trail and the alligators are just chilling on the path. AND I TOUCHED ONE. You only get to do that once so why not? All the missionaries in the zone did it and it was so fun. Even though the 15 mile bike ride on p-day destroyed us and made us not want to proselyte that night, we did.

Also, I hit one year this week!  I only have six months left here in the sunny state of Florida and it's too soon. I have loved it here and I cannot wait to see the many miracles God has left for me these last 6 months.

Some hilarious quotes from this week:
Me: "Dang, I wonder who my next comp is gonna be?!?"
Soza: "Dang, I wonder who my eternal companion is gonna be!"
LOL, she is so dead. 9 more days.

Me: "Haha he was totally flirting!"
Soza: "Really? I don't know how people flirt in english so..."

On a more mission related note, we had interviews this week, but nothing big happened. It was like the most chill interview I have ever had because I was totally fine this last transfer. But Soza had her final interview aka an hour long talk about dating so then that was the topic of discussion all dang day. But, esta bien. She's got 9 days.

Also I got to go back to Vanderbilt Beach on exchanges for the day! It was awesome and so weird! I love it there. We went and taught a recent convert lesson to Guyrlene, the woman that Sister Rosario and I found who ended up getting baptized after we transferred out! I asked her if she remembered the missionaries that found her first and she said, "Well, you look like one of them but.." I was like it's me! It was incredible to see the change that the Gospel has had in her life and she was so glad to be able to see us again to thank us. She said "you guys saved me first, so thank you." THATS WHY I AM A MISSIONARY GUYS. Just for that. Not for the thanks but to see the change that our efforts bring into the lives of others.

The Stake President came to YSA yesterday and spoke and one thing that he said really has stuck with me. He was talking about all the things we have in our lives, all the things that help us, but how there are still some things that we might not take full advantage of, like the scriptures or prayer or church. But we can start now to take advantage of them. He also said one thing, and me and Sister Soza just looked at each other like "OOOH" right after he said it. He said, "What would you give up in exchange for your soul?" It's so deep. So thats what I leave with you all today, what would you give up in exchange for your soul?


2: Naples Zone

3: Shoutout to my mom for sending us these chocolates. The elders dropped something off in our house and saw them and left a note that said "what the heck?!??!"

4: I can totally wake up at 6:30 every day if this is how the sky will look

5: 7's tacos back again of course. We didn't have anywhere to eat it and the sisters weren't home so we ate on their porch.

6: This is Domanique. She is amazing.

7: YES.



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