Tuesday, February 28, 2017

sister soza is gone

Hello! Wow, Sister Soza has finished her mission and she will be arriving in Chile on Friday morning! We have transfers tomorrow and I will be dropping her off! It's crazy. She was packing last night and it was freaking weird to see her packing! She's my mom and now she's going back to Chile until September! AH. Unless she gets married, then I guess I am going to Chile!

Transfer calls were last night and I get to stay in Estero! I love this YSA, the people and this giant freaking area. My new comp will be Sister Schmidt, who is actually in the zone right now. She is dying this transfer, so I will be seeing 2 missionaries leave in a row! It is her first as an STL, so I will be training her on that as well! It's going to be so much fun. I went on a full day exchange with her this transfer and it was a party so I'm pumped. Sister Dimond is also TRAINING! I am going to be a grandma! We get to take a 4 generation picture right before Soza leaves and I think that is really what I am excited for. Also, Sister Adams is training too so I am pumped to meet these 2 lucky greenies.

The poor elders got into a crash and we didn't believe how bad it was... it was bad. Luckily they were not in the car but the car is totaled and they are on bikes. Yay for bikes!

We had Stake Conference this week and it was like a mini General Conference it was so dang good. Elder Bluth of the Seventy was there. President and Sister Richardson were there too! Here are some of the highlights:
-"Motivation matters in the Lord's Kingdom."
- "When life gets too hard to stand, KNEEL." Hinckley
- "He has promised THEM that WE will do their temple work." (Elder Bluth)
- "We need to prioritize the eternal things." (Stake President)
- "We have to REALLY KNOW our Father in Heaven" (YSA)
- "These missionaries have been saved for NOW." (Sister Richardson)

It was so great. The cool thing about our stake is that it covers 2 whole zones. So we have 32 missionaries in the stake, the biggest in the mission. So Elder Bluth called President and Sister Richardson up to stand next to him, then he had all 32 of us stand up. Everyone was smiling and staring at us and then he made all of us come up to the front and stand in front of everyone. THEN, we sang "Called to Serve" and all the members were crying. It was super cool. To be able to stand there with our mission president and 30 other missionaries was super special and amazing. The Spirit was like BAM and all the members cried.

We have a great transfer coming up and I am super excited for this next month! Remember y'all: ITS A PARTY IN THE YSA!


2: Pelicans and clear water

3: Typical tag pic


5: I love Florida

6: When you can't touch the sand...

7: Our instagram pic of the day

8: I'm in Florida and still this white?

9: The elders got into a car crash... no more bikes?

10: Poor car

11: I love Sam and Janelle, maybe because they are the only YSA that feed us idk?

12: We both look nasty but... last comp pic!

13: The convo that happened right before this:
soza:"Omg stop. You are blonde. I need a picture of my rubiacita. Smile."
me: "Callate, I hate you."

14: Our chapel was on point the other night!

15: Beautiful Estero

16: This one, one more time because it's our favorite and she is gone

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