Monday, February 6, 2017

alligator alley

This week we had a zone conference in Miami Lakes and let me tell you driving all the way across the STATE OF FLORIDA is not fun. Alligator Alley is literally the worst. Shout out to Sister Soza for keeping me sane. She also had to give her "dying" aka last testimony in front of everyone and it was bomb. She killed it and cried. No other dying missionary cried (I have no idea how) so she felt awkward but its all good. SHE KILLED IT.

Basically this week can be put into bullet points. Sorry 'bout it:

- At zone conference I saw Sister Rosario. She is killing it with her greenie right now in Doral.
- Soza had a breakdown during weekly planning when she realized we were planning for week 4 of the transfer and she was almost done. It was funny afterwards. I am the least sympathetic comp ever but I know that it will come back to bite me when I am the one going home.
- I corrected Soza on a Spanish song (that SHE taught ME!) and on the pronunciation and spelling of a Spanish word basically I am now full Latina get ready for it.
- I went to the Spanish area of BAHIA on an exchange and ate the amazing tacos I had when I was serving in Vanderbilt Beach #blessings
- We had a TWO FREAKING HOUR long meeting about the zone #leadershipsucks Just kidding though. It was super fun and we came up with a new direction for the zone to be announced on Wednesday.
- Soza got sick yesterday so I updated my journal for 2 hours. oops. RESOLUTION: write every day

We also had break the fast with the branch yesterday and it was amazing. I love YSA and I love being a missionary and I LOVE YOU ALL.

1: Zone conference with the momma

2: I hate driving

3: The Bahia sisters

4: The fam! Sister Woods is my "sister" (Soza trained her too!)

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