Tuesday, May 30, 2017

royal palm, best palm


So this week has been fabulous and Sister Mills is a party and we are having a lot much fun. Our area is so different and diverse and it's just so much fun. We go out and find these unknown people from our ward list and knock around them and we have seen so many miracles already. The Lord is placing so many people in our path. This area has a super bad rep of not being a great area but we are super determined to change it and to make it great! The ward members are not ready for this companionship!

So more about the area... there's part of West Palm Beach in our area as well as Royal Palm and then this place called Loxahatchee. Lox is the middle of nowhere. Like look up "middle of nowhere" in the dictionary and its Lox. There's just trees and houses and more trees. Like The Grove in Naples. We have to be really careful not to get attacked by guns or crazy people hiding in the sticks. We've had some adventures already. The ward members are super sweet and willing to help and we just gotta help them do some of their own missionary work!

On Wednesday, we had transfers and then drove up here. We have a lot of sisters in our sisterhood to help and we are super excited! It's going to be way fun! We get to go all the way up to Port St Lucie and down to West Palm spanish sisters! We live with the Wellington sisters and I have to shut up and stop asking so many questions about the ward because I love them!

We had interviews yesterday and it was our last ones with President Richardson. It was super sad but IT WAS SUCH A GOOD INTERVIEW. He is amazing. I sneakily recorded the whole thing so I could go back and listen to it. He talked about missionary life and post missionary life and marriage and it was weird but I love him. He gave me a big hug and we talked about the ways he has been able to see me grow these last 15 almost 16 months. Crazy how fast time goes!

Sister Mills and I just talk like 24/7 and she may look tiny but she put me in a headlock the other day. We also tried to scare the Wellington sisters and they didn't even really flinch... (my scare game is not on point)

Well that's it for this week. Lots of parties and lots of fun and lots of Gospel goodies. REMEMBER GOD LOVES YOU. I cannot express that enough. I just want to shout it to every single person I meet. The Gospel is there to bless us and there is no reason we can't open our mouths and share it with everyone we meet! Also if you haven't watched the LDS Bible Videos you are missing out on the greatest movies ever. Seriously. Jonathan went to the temple on Monday with Sister Adams so... YAY!

Also, today is dubbed ghetto p-day because we are going to Belle Glade aka the worst part of the mission and the Elders are taking us on a tour. It's gonna be very interesting.

1: The district! Elder Krieger is our DL and I was in his district when he got here and now he's my DL!

2: The gruesome twosome. President actually called us that on transfer day we have no idea why but we love it?

3: Love her

4: How the day actually goes...

5: Jonathan and Sister Adams bumpin at the temple! LOVE HIM. Word is he is thinking about a mission.

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  1. Love your letters. They give a good push to my week!