Monday, May 15, 2017

best. week. ever.

We just got back from Sanibel Island and it was awesome! This week there was lots of pictures that describe what happened way better than I can write what happened so I'm sorry for the pic OVERLOAD.

Quick thought from an email someone sent me:
"Don't look for faults, look for virtues. It's important that when we look at others we recognize they are true sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven." LOVE THAT. So dang true.

1: your leadership of the Naples Zone (Elders Demann and Adams)

2: the best district EVER

3: literally the best chalkboard writing ever....we might still be laughing at it

4: this is our district and everyone's real personalities celebrating Sister Adams' birthday! #21

5: when you finish a stressful exchange, you drink Martinelli's out of bowls.

6: MOM's DAY!!

7: Greetings from Sanibel

8: WHOOO bridge time

9: The lighthouse on Sanibel

10: SKYPE.

11: typical beach pic

12: how Sanibel really was...

13: comps 4 life

14: the bridge to Sanibel is MASSIVE.

15: love

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