Tuesday, May 23, 2017

transfer 11

BACK BACK BACK TO...JUPITER. I am headed back up North in the mission to Royal Palm Beach! It's still English but it is a super fun area and my comp is going to be Sister Mills! She came in one after me and she and I are gonna party as STLs together. I will actually live in the same house/go to the same chapel as I did when I was in Wellington! So it's a pretty familiar area! We were laughing because I have gone back to the zones again where I only spend one transfer the last time I was there. Heavenly Father just has some more work for me to do in Jupiter!

I am super excited for this transfer that is coming up. It's a 7 week transfer which means more time for some miracles! It's gonna be great. We have 5 sisters areas, or 10 sisters, in our sisterhood that we get to help out and serve and its gonna be great! Also, mi hija Sister Dimond is an STL too... so she'll get to kill me next transfer.

This week was great. Jonathan is doing amazing and we got to do some family history work with him and helped him find two names he can go take to the temple! Thiago is getting the priesthood next week so he can go to the temple in June!!! After 3 transfers here in this area, I feel like I accomplished at least something! I am super grateful for the time I got to spend here and the wonderful people and YSA in this branch. It has been an awesome experience and I wouldn't have wanted to spend 3 transfers anywhere else! I just love the west coast man.

We also had interviews this week with my mission president and with the schedule I have interviews again this Monday... so I need to come up with something for my last interview with him because he goes home at the end of this transfer as well! But it's going to be AWESOME this transfer.

"Heavenly Father sees our value and He helps us develop the gifts and graces He knows will help us become all that He has signed us to be." Jean B Bingham  WE ARE ALL DESTINED TO BECOME GREAT! DONT FORGET IT.

We have to rush off to a funeral we are in charge of... not a real one. There's an Elder "dying" aka going home so we planned a funeral for him. It's awesome. Missionaries are weird. #sorryboutit

1: A guy caught an alligator and I held it... #Floridian

2: ​​Sister Kyle! We had a great full day exchange in YSA.

3: We went to The Grove. Aka all trees and houses spread apart for MILLAS.

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