Monday, May 1, 2017

it's may?

Well well well... this week was amazing. My mission is the best and I know I have said that before, but this time I definitely mean it.

JONATHAN GOT BAPTIZED! He was so happy and just smiled all weekend. He was super happy and Sister Schmidt skyped on into the baptism so it was cool to talk to her! She's super dead, but Jonathan got dunked and all is well. When he got the Holy Ghost, the blessing talked about how he would serve a mission and get married in the temple, so yay!!

We had zone conference this week in Miami and it was a party. Except I realized that none of my comps, other than Sister Adams, would be there because they are all up north or dead, but it was a super great conference and the training the AP's gave was on charity and love and it was fantastic and totally what we need right now!

Our zone hit the baptismal goal of 11 baptisms in the month of April! This week is starting fresh in May.

Here's a cool quote.
"Going on a mission and serving a mission are 2 very different things." We need to be converted and give it all to God because this is HIS work, and we just get to play a part.

Sister Adams says some crazy things and so I have been writing them down:
1) I have dark circles all around my eyes and it looks like I'm wearing eyeshadow." (aka missionary life)
2) talking about her bamboo plant "what if i repot it and it doesn't grow because it needs motivation?"
3) me: "there's a sombrero over there..." her: "swipe it."
Basically I laugh 24/7 and its great.

1: Zone conference

2: An accurate description of the companionship.

3: We had a sleep over before zone conference in the Naples sister house where we lived together months ago! #memories

4: Coming to you live from the baptismal font.


6: Post baptism selfie.

7: Post baptism mirror pic of joy.

8: He loved the tie we bought him and wore it on Sunday with his white shirt and suit!

9: An even more accurate comp pic.

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