Monday, May 8, 2017

mucho may

Many things happened this week so we are going to list mode:

1- We went to MLC in Fort Lauderdale and actually hitched a ride with the other 4 Elders going out there. Yes, you heard correctly. We all drove in a minivan to MLC (elders and sisters can't ride together unless there's an adult), so that ws interesting. Then the AP's rode back with us and it was even more fun. #partyvan
2- I went to Bahia on an exchange and I miss Spanish and also latin rice just has something about it. Sister Isham was on her first exchange and it was super fun!
3- We had a comp study with our zone leaders and they stole the idea on accident for it from the AP's so when we had a comp study with the AP's 2 days later we had to play dumb. All about how we all have "fixed principles" that we live by and how those fixed principles build our testimonies. LOVE.
4- We found Morgan! She is super cool. 23 years old with her masters degree and she invited us right in and asked us all kinds of questions: Girls can serve missions? You're not from Utah? What even is a Ute? BYU's mascot is way cooler, right? (that was not made up... she's already a fan). It was super cool and she already has a solid foundation that now we get to build upon. She is looking for a church and was super glad we knocked her door and knew we were sent from God!
5- It was cold this week and we had to walk to correlation with jackets... these Florida girls are gonna freeze in Utah.
6- Guess where we ate lunch this week? THE RITZ CARLTON. Our branch president here is super awesome and loaded so they called us up and drove us in their Range Rover to the Ritz where we ate $20 sandwiches and raspberry creme brulee. I will never eat there again so it was a treat. We felt super out of place but we got a pic at the Ritz. Pretty solid lunch.
7- This week was just solid. Lots of busy days and running around but it was awesome. I just love Florida so much. I also got an update from the Lauderhill ward missionaries and Byron and Liliana are in temple prep right now!

1: Chillin at the Ritz

2: MLC party van

3: It's 70 degrees


5: This might be at a Taco Bell... who knows!?

6: I took Sister Adams to get her first Brazilian burger at my fave place

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