Monday, June 13, 2016

a trip to the dentist

HOLA HOLA! I hope that everyone had a great week!

This week went by super fast and this next week is going to fly as well. We are working hard here in Lauderhill South and it is really humid and gross. That is all I can think of to say, it’s just humid all the time.

This week we had an interesting time. On Thursday, Sister Soza’s tooth was really hurting her so we went into the dentist… turns out she needed a root canal ASAP. We had to deal with missionary medical and calling the mission nurse and our mission president’s wife and all that. They told us the price and I think we both almost fainted. By the end of the day I had a huge migraine and her mouth really hurt. At least it was just my head and I am grateful I wasn’t the one who needed the root canal. (I’m sure my parents are too). We have to go back this Saturday so they can finish it up. Fun!!

This week, we did a lot of knocking which brings a lot of interesting conversations and different people. Yesterday, we ran into a family from Mexico, and I looked around their living room and they had a family tree with genealogy hanging up on their wall. I asked them about it and the woman’s son was super into it. We told him that we had a website that could help him and he said he already knew all about it and that’s where he found a ton of baptism records and found his ancestors! It’s crazy how close people are to the truth and that they are almost ready to learn more, but they just aren’t quite there yet. But he loved family history for a reason and eventually him and his family will be ready.

On Saturday, a recent convert from Chile had family in town and it was their birthday so they invited us to come as well as the other member family from Chile. I was the only non-Chilean person in the room and it was amazing, because I left feeling like a Chilean. Also, I got to learn all the bad words from Chile because the family that was in town were not members. I also got to eat some amazing cheese, cake and listen to some insane stories. Sister Soza left the house that night super “trunky” (like ready to pack her trunk and like missing home. It’s used a lot for missionaries who are about to end their mission because they are ready to go home and what not). Also, the American Cup Soccer Tournament is going on and it’s on at every house we go into and everyone is talking about it. Chile plays tonight and Sister Soza is excited to find out what happened.

Some funny/cool things this week:
-We prayed with a Muslim woman from Morocco and her daughter was literally dragging Sister Soza all over the house to show her everything. It took about 20 minutes to get out. Still super cool to pray with a Muslim woman,and I got to add Morocco onto my list of “Countries I’ve prayed with.”
– During English class we kept repeating the word “from,”, and it turns out that after a while, that word sounds really weird and now I don’t like saying it.
– Last p-day, everyone fell asleep except Sister Soza and so when we all woke up she was going a little crazy because she had no one to talk to or leave the house with.
– Sister Rianda (an english sister I live with), is straight up terrified of cockroaches and we had 2 in the house this week. She ran out the door an left without someone else with her just screaming. She said “I don’t care if this is dis-o (disobedient) but I don’t mess with these nasty things.”
– There are no squirrels in Chile and Sister Soza loves looking at them. This week she thought she saw one climbing a tree, then got terrified because it wasn’t a squirrel and she didn’t know what it was. I walked back to where she was and then took off running once I saw it because it was a raccoon and I was not going anywhere near that. Then, of course I didn’t know the word for raccoon so we got to use our dictionary that we keep in the car.
– MY HAIR. My hair has gone about 3 shades lighter already thanks to the sun. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if I come home blonde.

This week I read a BOMB quote from an apostle but I don’t remember which one. He said “When I struggle, when I get cast out, when I am rejected, I am standing shoulder to shoulder with the perfect missionary.” Yeah we are! Missionaries are disciples of Jesus Christ and He is here with us every day. We are walking next to Him and doing the same things He did when He was here.

1: Weekly comp pic

2: Typical

3: Best accessory ever

4: Las hermanas

5: We took this picture and then ran to the car to beat the Elders home. We won.

6: All the missionaries and the member in our ward who cooked for us all. She has a gift and that gift is amazing food. It’s so good.

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