Monday, June 13, 2016

dying in the florida heat

This week was a one where we did a lot of knocking. Basically about 4-5 hours everyday because most of our appointments fell through and the potential investigators we did have, turned out to not be ready yet. Knocking on doors in 100 degree heat is miserable but even if we just say 4 prayers for people in those 5 hours we did something. Sister Soza has been saying all week, “The Lord sees our efforts and our work.” For sure he does. So many small miracles happen everyday that we might not even realize until they have passed.

Milly, our amazing investigator, is being baptized this Saturday! She came to church yesterday and was just overcome and knew that she needed to be baptized as soon as she could. She has known about the church for 10 years and is an eternal investigator and she is finally making that step! We have dinner with her tomorrow night and then her interview on Wednesday, she is our tender mercy and miracle. She is the only investigator we have right now so every lesson with her is great, because we want so bad for her to continue progressing, and she totally is. One other small, and kind of silly miracle, is that on the way to church yesterday we hit every single light green and made it to church on time and saved 10 minutes of sitting at lights. We were laughing the whole way because every night we hit almost every single red one that we can, but the Lord was watching out for us and wanted us to be on time for church.
Having a non-native English speaking companion is the best. Obviously there are challenges for words I don’t know in Spanish and words she doesn’t understand in English but we work great. Here are some of the amazing things she has said/done:
– To Sister Evans: “Why do you struggle when you sing?”
– “Why do you guys say Holy Cow and not holy chicken or holy snake?” {Now she only says holy chicken and I laugh every time because it sounds so ridiculous.}
– We knocked on a door this week and a giant dog lunged out the door, but the owner had it by its collar. Sister Soza screamed and then pushed me up to the door to talk with the woman, so that I could be lunged at by the dog and not her. Love her, she is so kind.

We had a fire exchange with our STL’s for an hour knocking doors and I went with Sister Scadden, who is my grandma in the mission. She is Sister Soza’s trainer! She is so sweet and is from Utah and I will see her up at BYU when we are done here.

So to answer some questions that I have gotten:
– We eat with a member, or they drop off food, basically every day. The Latin people are always willing and it is always amazing to try foods from all over Latin and South America. If we don’t have member meals and we cannot come back home we grab something fast (Sister Soza loves Wendy’s) or eat a big meal at the apartment.
– Allergy season is killing my eyes right now and it is in full swing here. Welcome to Florida!
–  We wake up in the morning and work out (let’s be real we stretch/maybe run on the treadmill), then we get ready for the day, eat and then we have personal study, followed by comp study, then language. Then we get to eat and then me and Sister Soza stay home another hour for my training stuff I have to do. Then we go to work!
– Our mission is big on accounting. We call in to our district leaders 3 days a week and discuss what is going on so far in the week and what else we need or can improve.
– It is getting hot here, and this week was like a constant 100 degrees. With humidity so super fun to walk/bike in let me tell ya.

Adios! Tengan una buena semana!

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