Monday, June 13, 2016

mini missionaries and coconuts

We had a great week this week! On Monday we got to do a combined zone activity with the Fort Laud zone and played volleyball, soccer, etc. Super fun to meet all the other missionaries that I might be serving with eventually! Then, on Tuesday we taught a recent convert, Miguel, that Hermana Soza baptized the transfer before. He was an ETERNAL investigator and after like 14 years got baptized. We also found two super sweet girls and taught them some more about the Restoration and they said they were coming to church but didn’t show. But Wednesday we had a chapel tour with my favorite investigator, Milly! She is super sweet and the Spirit was crazy strong, it was incredible. We had to drop Jesus (a previous investigator), because he just was not progressing, even though he had a date. It was hard, but necessary. Then Thursday, Friday and Saturday ALL of our lessons fell through. It was so frustrating but we knocked and knocked and knocked instead. We found a couple of potentials so we will see where that goes.

This weekend we also had the opportunity to host 2 Laurels who were on a mini mission. We picked them up on Friday and then we took them and they did everything that we do as missionaries until Saturday night. We had some interesting knocking experiences with some pretty rude people and Sister Roca (the girl who I had), was shocked. I was just like, “Hey, welcome to being a missionary.” We were able to cover twice the ground because we had 2 companionships working together so we got stuff done! They were super sweet and really willing to work! We did teach a new investigator, Lazaro, who actually has a daughter serving a mission right now. He is the uncle of the second counselor in our bishopric so we got to have a really good Member Lesson with him. The problems with him are that he can only meet Saturdays, and he is technically not in our area, but the member wants him to be taught by Sister Missionaries because of the connection with his daughter.

None of our investigators came to church this week which is hard because you have to come to church. We sit there and wait and wait and then no one comes, but we have faith. We prayed this week to find a 4 person family from El Salvador with 2 parents and an 8-year-old and 6-year-old… and then found one. The Lord answers prayers, for real. We are super pumped to start teaching this family and hopefully we can get them to church this week, they were supposed to have a lesson yesterday but something came up and they cancelled. We just need some solid investigators right now!

The food here is always amazing and we always come home way to full. I tried papusa’s for the first time and they were amazing. There is always some rice and beans, which is getting old, but sometimes it’s all I want after eating so much other food. Plantains are ok, but not my favorite. They just taste a little too funky, but I eat them anyway. We went over to teach Lazaro and he was cutting coconuts so he gave us some to try, it was interesting. I chugged mine down, then Hermana Soza didn’t like it so I chugged half of hers because we did not want to be rude, and not drink or eat what the members give us. It was nasty after drinking like 2 whole coconuts but not the worst. We pretty much love all the food the members feed us and I don’t really have a problem with anything… except whole fish.

The members are fantastic with missionary work and willing to help out. I was a bit worried because Hermana Soza said that they had only had 2 ward council meetings in 7 weeks, but we had one yesterday and it went smoothly and the members are all in with this missionary effort.

We have a full week of finding and teaching and just trying to do all that we can do to find those ready to be taught. My Spanish is coming along awesome, just trying to speak it as much as possible and listen to my comp as she teaches so I can learn even more. We really do just have a great time, even when it is frustrating and people cancel, or they are late we just try to keep a positive attitude and go to work. The Lord cannot help you and put people in your path if you don’t move. So we move, and listen to the Spirit and try to find those inspired knocking spots and those people who are prepared specifically for us to teach and bring to Christ. I know that those people are out there for us… we just need to find them!

Love you all a ton! Have a great week!

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