Monday, June 20, 2016

the will of the Lord

This week, I truly learned what the will of the Lord means. Unfortunately, people have agency and Carlos decided not to be baptized this week. We met with him on Friday, he canceled the baptism and said he would contact us when he was actually ready. We went home and just kind of sat there in shock. It was not what we were expecting to hear that morning and it was hard to hear. It was honestly the only day of my mission that I 100% did not want to go out and work. It was difficult to get out and work after that tough morning, but it was a trial that both Sister Soza and I needed to go through, but we got through it and went out to work. One hard day really makes you want to work super hard the other days, but the will of the Lord is real and as missionaries it is just something that we adjust to and learn from. We can't make people do something they don't want to do.

The beginning of the week went much better, we had an awesome zone conference up in Stuart and got to hear a bunch of awesome training. They talked about being bold and doing all that we have been called to do in this work. There is a quote from President Packer that says: "if someone tells you "Are you really going to teach everyone in the whole world? That's impossible." But we will do it anyways!" Do it we will. There is nothing that will stand in our way of teaching people. There is a scripture in Hebrews that says "We are not of them that stand down." Training was super helpful and we got to hear from President and Sister Richardson and get some hurricane training. It was boring but useful. Hopefully, this year we won't need to worry about any of it.

Yesterday, we were planning for our day and I was looking out the window. Sister Soza looks at me and asks "Do you think it's going to cry?" I just kind of looked at her and then she realized what she said and said "No, rain!" Then, we got caught in the rain, but we just enjoyed it. We walked into use the restroom before our next appointment and 3 minutes later, it just started to pour. We walked into our dinner appointment soaking wet, it is what it is. This week, it was 110 degrees, plus the awesome humidity, but we just work through the sweat.

In case you are not watching the soccer tournament right now, Chile won 7-0 on Saturday. It was perfect and the members in the ward who are from Mexico were not happy with Sister Soza, but she was ecstatic so it was a good day. Also, one morning Sister Rianda woke up and her bed had mysteriously moved a foot away from the wall. She wouldn't stop talking about how someone must have come in and moved her bed, or we have a ghost. One of the two. It was ridiculous and she was then terrified to sleep the next night.

Also, when it gets really hot the iguanas come out of nowhere. On Tuesday, we were knocking and just saw a million giant iguanas. It was more like 15 but they were huge and everywhere. We cornered one of them against a house and then all of the sudden, it took off running and slammed its head into the wall and you could hear the sound it's head made. Disgusting. Then, it ran up the tree while we were running away screaming. It's stuff like that, that makes knocking sessions so entertaining.

The time we have in the mission is short, but you learn and change so much. There is a crazy change that happens when you give 24/7 to the Lord for 18 months. I am coming up on my 4 month mark this week and cannot believe that this time has flown by so fast, I don't want it to end! It's crazy, but amazing and even though there are hard times and it really sucks sometimes, it's fun and we get to change people's lives while we do it. Heavenly Father won't give us challenges that we cannot handle. This week, I felt His arms around me and it was an amazing comfort and help as we went through this trial, but he is there an he knows and loves us all so much.

I hope that everyone had an awesome Father's Day! I am so grateful for my dad and all he does for me and my family. As well for our Heavenly Father, who loves us more than we know.

1: These signs are my favorite.

2: Life saver here in Florida

3: Attack of the iguanas

4: Found a mirror knocking. Obviously, gonna take a picture

5: It was pouring, and so we took pictures instead

6: CHILE GANO 7-0!

7: House zone conference picture (Sister Hernandez, Rianda, Soza, and Me)

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