Monday, June 13, 2016

miracles and president nelson

HOLA! ITS REALLY HOT HERE RIGHT NOW. Me and Sister Soza are basically dying and just cooking outside everyday, but we have fun. More on the President Nelson thing later…

So, really this week was a lot of finding. This area is amazing and the people here are great but it is kind of like a treasure hunt to find spanish speakers. We always find a couple houses of spanish speakers while knocking, but a lot of them are “bien catolicos.” They might accept the prayer, but usually the first thing they say to us is that they are catholic… so this week was filled with a lot of “formers,” people who have been taught by missionaries, but were dropped because they didn’t progress. We picked out like 10 each day and just went and knocked their doors to see if anything had changed. None of them were interested.

We have also been cleaning up the ward list and seeing all the less actives, part member families, and people we don’t know as well. There are a lot of less actives who have been less active for years now, so they really aren’t too interested in coming back, but the part member families are golden. Carlos, our investigator, is not really progressing right now. He didn’t come to church this week and hasn’t really been answering our calls, but he will answer the ward members, so we have kind of turned him over to the ward, to keep supporting him until he is really ready.

Last night we saw a big miracle though! It was about 8:00 at night and we decided to knock this one row of houses, probably about 20 houses. There were a ton of cars in the street, so we figured that there were a lot of people home. Well, we knocked every single door, and not a single person answered. We had a lot of people “blind check” us and just look out and see who we are before going away, or they just completely ignored the knocks. UNTIL, we got to the last house. While we were walking up to the house, I just thought, “okay Heavenly Father, what have you got for us here? We were just rejected by 19 other houses, so I know that you have someone prepared here for us.” AND HE DID. Pedro opened the door and told us that they wanted us to come back tonight to teach them! They have been taught by missionaries before and this family wants to learn more. We didn’t see all the kids, but based on the noise, we think it is probably a family of 6 or more. MIRACLES!

We also have 2 new sisters living with us. Sister Hernandez, is from Honduras, but moved to the states when she was 13 and went to high school in North Carolina. She is a jokester. It’s fun. Sister Rianda is from California and she is actually 25! She is completely done with school, she went to BYU-Hawaii, and is just the bomb. Living with older missionaries is super cool because they have so many hilarious life stories. She is super cute and is about to hit her year mark.

This weeks high hit 107 degrees! I don’t see how it can get hotter, but it does so I just cannot wait for summer! We see small miracles everyday when people give us water bottles, right when were are about to run out of the one someone else already gave us. The count would be up to 80 by now.

Also, President Nelson was here in South Florida this weekend for a conference for recent converts as well as one for the members, in our building. Unfortunately, he asked President Richardson not to let us go… The members all said it was super good and he gave some great talks. He was in our building, meeting with stake leaders and our mission president Sunday morning when we were at church, but we didn’t get to meet him. He did walk in as I was playing prelude though, so he heard me playing the piano! Thats the only interaction I had with him sadly, but President Richardson was there and it is always great to see him.

Que tengan una buena semana! Les quiero mucho!

1: Pday post knock death picture

2: Sunday knock!

3: Sister Soza died after the knock session
4: found a mirror, needed a pic

5: Slurpees for 12 weeks this week… we went to the park to read the scriptures we needed to and were attacked by ducks who thought we had food. Fun times.

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