Monday, June 13, 2016

knocked and knocked and knocked...


That is Sister Soza’s preferred way of answering the phone and it makes me laugh a bit every time. This week, while maybe not having great numbers to report, was still fun, always…

On Tuesday, we had exchanges with our STL’s (Sister Training Leaders) and I went over to their area for the night. It was sort of nice to be in an English area for the night, but I missed my comp too much. It was really great to be able to get back with her Wednesday morning. Transfers are next week, and normally you stay with your mom, Sister Soza, for 2 transfers so hopefully nothing changes!

This week might sound a bit boring though, because we basically just knocked and knocked and knocked. It takes a lot of patience but we have faith to find those people to teach. We found a super nice spot to knock that is FULL of Spanish speakers so we’ll probably be going back there regularly! It is a bit scary, so we definitely go during the daytime, but we love areas like that. That is where the humble, ready people live to hear the gospel!

On Saturday we did a blitz, which is when the whole district goes into a companionship’s area and knocks all together for an hour. It was really fun and found 4 people for the Sisters to teach. Miracles! Our ward had a Mother’s Day party that night and we got to eat some yummy carne asada and listen to some awesome music! Then Sunday was Mother’s Day and we got to talk with our families, which was great!

We also got a new bishop in the ward we are in right now and hes an American! His wife is from Argentina so he speaks like her and his accent is just like hers. We are excited to see the changes that will come from having a new bishop and all the help he can bring into our missionary work.

One thing that I have learned this week is really how much faith sharing the Gospel takes. We have to have faith that people will be receptive, that people will let us in, that they will take the lessons, that they will come to church, that they will be baptized, etc. There is so much faith in missionary work, but it is so amazing when we get that “witness after the trial of our faith.” Teaching is not easy, finding is not easy and missionary work is not easy, but it is great and brings so much joy and happiness to my life and to the lives of those we teach.

The scripture for this week is in Mosiah 2:17:
“…when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”
I LOVE this scripture because it is saying, when we take time to serve others, we are serving God. Who wouldn’t want to do that? I can definitely feel as a missionary the love that God has for every single person I meet. We ran into a man yesterday whose wife died 9 months ago and he is left with his 3 young children, and the whole time I could just feel, not only Heavenly Fathers love for this man, but also that his wife was there for him. How important is the Spirit in missionary work? It is everything!

Pic 1: Before the rainstorm that pounded us for about an hour….

Pic 2: …and after

Pic 3: ahhhh, flowers!

Pic 4: KILLA

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