Monday, June 13, 2016

transfer #1

WHOOO, TRANSFER 1 IS DONE! Time flew by!

We had transfer calls last night and, THANK GOODNESS, me and Sister Soza will be staying together and she will finish training me. The 2 other girls we live with are leaving, so we get 2 new Sisters in the house this week! We are just waiting to find out who it is, there a a bunch of changes in the zone too, so it will be fun to meet some new missionaries!

This week, was sort of uneventful. On Wednesday, I was on exchanges with a Sister we live with and so I was in English all day, but it was fun! We need to find people to teach, so it has been a lot of knocking. On Thursday, we were going to our knocking spot and I was in the left lane, when suddenly I just felt like I needed to make this next right turn into a neighborhood and (safely, I promise) swerved into the neighborhood. We started knocking and on the last house on the street, we knocked on this woman’s door and she just opened it in tears. I explained that we wanted to pray with her and she just broke down. She invited us in and told us that her mom had just gone into the hospital this morning because of a heart attack. We stayed in her house for about 45 minutes talking with her and teaching her little gospel truths in our answers and casual conversation. It was really cool to see how Heavenly Father puts us exactly where we need to be.

On Sunday, it was our first week with our new Bishop, and he asked if I could play the organ… uhhh not really. But I sat down and played the organ for sacrament meeting so there is always a first, and it didn’t sound terrible! We taught Gospel Principles, which is the class for the new members, which was terrifying in a way because we had like 10 minutes to prepare our lesson, but it went well. Our investigator Carlos, told the ward mission leader that he needed a lot of prayers this week and that he was finally going to make his decision to be baptized or not this week. He has known about the church for 13 years and has been going with his wife and children. Sister Soza and I want so bad to baptize another “eternal convert” and he is so perfect and ready, he just needs to make a decision.

Yesterday was proselytizing Monday. It really stinks to have to wait an extra day for p-day and everyone hates pros Monday, but miracles happen. It wasn’t as bad, but some interesting things happened. First we were driving to an appointment and saw 2 cars crash into each other in the intersection. Crazy. Then we saw the Papa John’s pizza guy pushing his stalled car off the road and jumped out to help him push it. We sent out a text to the zone that said “#sisterscandoittoo #wedoitinskirts” and everyone died hahaha. Pros Monday was filled with a lot of laughs just from knocking and running into some… interesting people. One guy like would not stop talking to us about how we are actually dead right now? That was fun. Then another guy told us about how he used to have a business in Mexico but when he moved to Texas he needed his workers in Texas and basically trafficked them in illegally. He also taught us some self defense moves.

Also this week we hit a new high… prepare yourselves 105 DEGREES! YAY FLORIDA SUMMER IS HERE. So not ready for that, plus, I get 2 summers here in Florida so YAY.

I don’t know if i have mentioned this but in this mission we are only allowed to listen to music by MoTab… which would seem like a bummer but THANK GOODNESS David Archuleta has sung with MoTab because those are the songs that save me! Los pastores is the bomb. Check it out.

This week definitely had some highs and lows, but that is really what missionary work is all about. I was so nervous this morning for emailing because I knew 2 of my best friends had received their calls this week. It made me think back to when I opened my call and how I immediately knew that the FFL Mission was where I needed to be. We went to a mission call opening in our ward and me and Sister Soza are just like crying when she opened it because so many emotions just came back! It feels like it has been forever but also like I just left home. Next week I will hit my 3 month mark! There are a lot of friends I have back home who are finishing their missions too, and it seems like they just left. Missionary work is amazing.

The ponderize scripture this week was Esther 12:27. The Lord will make everything that is weak about us strong. And he knows those weaknesses we have but will make them our strengths.

I invite everyone to read a talk from the October 2012 General Conference called, “Consider the Blessings” from President Monson. I read it in Personal Study this week and was just hit with revelation. It is SUPER powerful and spiritual.

Remember I love you all and hope that all is well!

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