Monday, June 13, 2016

week three mtc


Its the end of week three in the MTC which means that we are halfway done with the MTC, and have 2 weeks left of teaching, since you don’t teach your last week, and just prepare for the field! We also get our flight plans next Friday! YAY. P-days are great for many reasons but one that I did not expect was because I get to wear jeans! OH MY GOODNESS jeans are amazing….who knew that wearing skirts and dresses 24/7 would make you miss actual pants.

     Tuesday this week we heard from Elder Pino of the Seventy. He was the first General Authority to speak in conference in his native language…SPANISH! He had a branch president come up and translate for him and he gave his talk in spanish. AMAZING. I wasn’t even listening to the translator. It was funny because when he would tell a joke all the people who spoke Spanish would laugh and then everyone else would 15 seconds later because they had to wait for the translator. He spoke on being held to a higher standard as a missionary. It was really good. It was really cool to be able to understand a native speaker that well.

We taught our TRC investigator Diana and showed her last years Easter video called #BecuaseofHim and it was amazing! She said she felt this really good feeling in her whole body and we were like “YES THAT IS THE SPIRIT!” It was really a great lesson. We committed her to read the Book of Mormon and pray. We also started doing member TRC where we teach members of the church, like we are missionaries eating dinner at their house and we share a 20 minute lesson with 2 people. It is so nice to teach members because they already have an understanding of what you are talking about so the lessons go a lot smoother. But it is really fun and we do those once a week.

     On Sunday we heard from Elder Allen again. He was the one in charge of the making of Preach My Gospel that we use and live by as missionaries. This time he talked about how much God loves His missionaries and how we can be better ones. He said one thing that really stood out. He said: “I feel like I should tell you all how blessed you are. Not only is the Lord on your side but He has sent angels to be with you wherever you are on your mission. Here with us tonight could be ancestors and family members that passed on before you and they are here to help and guide you. If we could see how many angels are here with each of you, there would be too many too fill this gym.” WOWWWW. What an amazing reminder as a missionary that our family members that have passed away are here always cheering us on!

     We got a new member of our branch presidency because last Monday our 1st Counselor passed away really suddenly. His wife came to say goodbye to us on Sunday and we will miss them but are excited to get to know this new member! Hermana Eliason also left this week for Mexico Guadalajara Mission and she will be great!

      Tomorrow our zone was picked to help out with hosting the new missionaries! YAY! I am beyond excited not only because we get to meet new fresh missionaries but also because we are missing class. Our zone is really small with only 15 of us but we are getting a new district of 4 Elders and 3 Sisters. One of the sisters is from France, coming to learn Spanish and we aren’t sure if she even knows English so that will be interesting! My district is just glad we won’t be the newest one in our zone! If you know any missionaries coming in tomorrow let me know and I will be on the lookout!

     The MTC is still going great and my Spanish is slowly but surely coming along. Last night I was saying the companionship prayer and I completely messed up a conjugation and we all just started laughing. I quickly finished the prayer so we were not too irreverent!

     One secret about the MTC is that there is time for naps on Sundays and Pdays if you plan well. It is soooo nice to lay down, even for an hour. Today we have a 3 hour block of free time and I will for sure be asleep for some of that. BLESSED. I also take a short 15 minute power nap after exercise time and get ready really fast so I can lay down for 15 minutes before class. It is amazing and probably the highlight of most of my days.

     Last night for dinner they brought in Chick-Fil-A. Talk about a blessing. It was great. The food here is better than what I was eating in the dorms but still blah and the same old same old. I cannot imagine being here for 12 weeks… straight up kill me at that point.

     Thank you to everyone who has sent letters while I am here! Its so nice at the end of the day! My district gets “mad” because I get at least 2 every night. Thank you for sending them! They are great! These last 3 Sundays in the MTC are perfect. This week we get to see the new temple dedication, then the next week is Easter and we are having a special devotional with someone special but we don’t know who yet, and then our last week here is General Conference. Talk about a great last 3 Sundays before el campo! We are all super excited for it!

Tengan una buena semana! ♥♥

Pic 1: Hermana Eliason before she left!

Pic 2: Hermana Morris aka the best hermana ever. She is hilarious.

Pic 3: The whole zone on the temple walk.

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