Monday, June 13, 2016

week two mtc


It is week 2 here at the MTC and it is awesome! Our investigator that we were teaching, Norma, is actually our 2nd teacher Hermana Brotherson! SHE IS THE BEST. She served in Argentina so I am a little scared that I will pick up saying my y’s as j’s but so far so good. She is super cute and nice and she calls me “hermanita” which is like saying “little sister.” It’s the cutest. This week we got 2 new investigators, one of them is actually one of our teachers so it was a bit strange at first but we had a great lesson with him. Then we started doing TRC yesterday which is where you teach nativesthat might be members but they can also be REAL INVESTIGATORS. And your teachers watch you as you teach through a camera, so that is super intimidating, but its so they can help us fix what we are doing wrong. Our investigator, Diana, is from Ecuador and she is a real investigator that gets paid to come and help us practice teaching but also to learn! She started speaking and I had a minor panic attack because I could not understand her. She was speaking so fast and she was also quiet and not making all the sounds in the words. WOW how am I going to be able to understand Cubans??

     But teaching went well this week. Our oldest district left yesterday for Argentina and it was sad to see them go. But they are all going to be awesome. Now our zone is really small because its just our district of 5, and another district of 10. I got asked to be our branch (which is just our zone) music leader, so I get to pick the hymns for sacrament and who has to lead or play the piano. (assuring that I do NOT have to play). So I am excited to do that!

     This week our devotionals were awesome. We got to hear from 2 members of the Seventy and the Provo Temple President. Elder Nielson of the 70 talked about repentance and the importance of teaching it to our investigators and his wife said something that just made me go: “WOAH YEAH”. She said “the MTC is basically a crash course in your weaknesses”. Yes, 100 percent true. Whether you cannot focus during study time (which usually happens for me at like 3:00) or you are not allowing yourself to be teachable, it is a hard and fast crash course in your weaknesses, but its great.

     We are having our 3rd Wednesday in the MTC this week which means it is the start of our 3rd week aka the HALFWAY POINT. I am almost out of here. We have 4 more Sundays and then we’re gone. This Sunday an Elder in my district is giving the opening prayer, so we get to usher the other missionaries into the devotional and meet whoever is speaking. Then next Tuesday my comp, Hermana Tribe, is giving the closing prayer so we get to sit on the stand for the devotional and meet whoever is speaking then as well. Tuesday devotionals are when the big name people come so I am super excited to see who it is. In like 2 Sundays the new Provo Temple is being dedicated so we get to watch the 9:00 session of it and then have a devotional that night (I am hoping that someone big comes then because there will be a lot of important people at the dedication). It would be so cool!

     My Spanish is going well and I learn new words or remember some from school. Someone in class asked “Cual es la fecha de hoy?” (What is today’s date?) and I had this flashback to 8th grade Spanish and just heard her asking that question…it was slightly terrifying but at least I knew what they were asking (gracias SeƱora King).

      PLEASE DON’T FORGET about It is the best thing ever when our district leader says you have mail and you get to read something, even if it is 3 sentences long. I never knew how exciting it could be to get mail until I was a missionary. It’s free to use while I am in the MTC but if you want to send an actual letter I will attach my address in this email. Thank you to those who have sent some already! LOVE YOU ALL.
Hurrah for Israel!

Pic 1: 2 Florida companions.
pic 2: District at the Temple.
pic 3: Temple walk–the picture does not do it justice, it was gorgeous outside!

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