Monday, June 13, 2016

faithful and #fearless


On Monday we had a zone activity and played beach volleyball, which is the only sand we are allowed to touch here in Florida. BOO, but we had fun and then had a great rest of our p-day. We had dinner with our investigator Milly, Monday night, and it was a crazy good lesson. The Spirit was crazy strong and we planned her baptism that night.

Tuesday we knocked a lot. Our investigator pool is at a minimum right now, so we have been knocking, contacting formers and getting referrals from everyone we talk to. Stressful at times, but interesting. We ate dinner that night with a Mexican family in our ward, and it was probably my favorite thing out here because it tasted like home!

Wednesday we knocked all day and talked with some formers, none of which were interested. But Wednesday night Milly had her baptism interview. Talk about the most stressful moment of my life, WOW. I knew she was going to pass because she is just golden but it was so nerve wracking! She came out and said, “Sorry,” Sister Soza and I were confused and the DL (district leader) said “yeah shes not ready yet…” So we just stood there… but then they both laughed and said it was a joke, not funny. She passed and we were all set for Friday night! Still a terrifying experience though. As we were filling out the baptism record we needed her full name, and found out it was Milagros, which means miracle in Spanish! So true, she really is our little miracle. Sister Soza met her with her last companion and said that she would never be baptized… jokes on her.

Thursday we knocked all day, and the Friday FINALLY CAME. The baptism was AMAZING. Milly had all her member friends there who had introduced her to the church and when she came out of the water she smiled so big. It was like an overwhelming peace came over her. As a missionary, baptisms are super stressful because you have to make sure everything goes right. All of the stressors that came in right before we started the baptism, were all worth it for that. The friend’s husband who was supposed to do the baptisms, was late. We were just praying they got there on time and with a little help from the WML we stalled just long enough for him to make it. It was such an amazing experience to have my first baptism, on my first transfer! It is really rare to have, but I know that Milly was prepared for this time and for Sister Soza and I to baptize her.
The rest of the weekend was normal missionary work. Saturday we did have a house disaster though. Our sink disposal was clogged up in the whole apartment building and so it was like throwing up the stuff out the sink. Then the water flowed over the sink and all over the floor and a pipe burst all over the place, it was a disaster. Me and Sister Soza had to stay home and deal with that because the other sisters had appointments and service they needed to do. Hauling buckets of nasty water that smelled like vomit was not how I wanted my Saturday morning to go, but now I know what to do if it ever happens again! Sister Soza said: “You know I am a little glad we have to deal with this because WE HAVE NOBODY.” Sadly it was true. Sunday, a part member family came to church and stayed all three hours. We are meeting with the husband tonight, who is the non-member to see whats up. We’re really excited about that because he’s another eternal investigator who has been taught the lessons 2-3 times already and seems ready finally.

It gets really hot here at about 2-6 everyday and we ran out of water while knocking on Thursday. So we said a quick prayer that someone would have compassion and give us some water, and the next 3 houses we knocked offered us some water! The same thing happened Saturday. Just small miracles like that happen everyday and those small miracles make up for all the people who slam the door or who are rude to us.

Our district started a new “game.” While out knocking, biking or something, if your comp says #fearless, you have to go talk to the person, chase them down or do whatever but you HAVE to talk to them. I beat Sister Soza to it every time so watching her chase people down, it has been a blast honestly.

We are super ready and pumped to go out and find people to teach! I know that this is the Lord’s work and that I am in His hands. All we need to do is turn ourselves over to Him as missionaries and we will be blessed with people and miracles.

#1: yummy El Salvadorian enchiladas (excuse the hair- it was hot)

#2: I found a shirt that says “you’re killin me smalls” and obviously it was needed

#3: milly!!

#4: selfie with milly

#5: hit my 2 month mark last week… The sunsets are amazing every night.

#6: sink disaster pt 1 w/ Sister Evans

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