Monday, June 13, 2016

blessings come when you work hard

WOW This week was long. Probably because we had a pros Monday yesterday for Memorial Day so it really was a day longer than usual. Sister Soza and I are exhausted, but working hard. The week started off super slow, and we really hadn’t found anyone to teach, not even some potentials. By Thursday we hadn’t taught a single lesson, but we had faith and kept praying for those miracles and we found 3 new investigators by the end of the week!

We had a giant zone activity last Monday and played “Quidditch,” which basically was the Elders throwing the balls, and us Sisters got to be the “bludgers” and throw water balloons at the Elders for 20 minutes. It was super hilarious and super fun. We were all soaked and a bit sunburned by the end. It is always really fun to get all together as missionaries, especially here where we have Creole speakers, Spanish and English.

On Friday, our car had to get an oil change and we dropped it off at 12 and by 4:00 it still wasn’t done  and we didn’t have our bikes on us and we weren’t even close to our area to go knock, so we had to sit and wait at the Pep Boys. Luckily we got out by 4:45 and we got to go to Family Knock at 5, and we were able to find a family! Satan really wanted us to get discouraged, but we just went out and worked harder than ever because we were so bored of sitting and waiting to go to work. This week I also hit my 3 month mark (!!!!) and Sister Soza hit her 9 month! She is halfway done, and this transfer is already halfway done.

Also this week, a member family did the sweetest thing ever and contacted my parents to see what kind of food I liked from back home and then the recipes on how to make it. It was seriously the most amazing thing ever and they got to try some yummy American food for dinner this week! We had some amazing apple pie and ice cream for dessert. The members here are amazing and have a lot of hardships and trials being here in the States, but their faith is crazy strong in the gospel and in the Lord.

We felt prompted to go see a recent convert family because we hadn’t seen them at church for a while. Like a lot of members here they have to work a lot and they work until 5 am Sunday morning and then are too tired to come. We stopped by and talked to them and heard the mother of the family bear her testimony about how the Gospel helped her just a year ago when she came here from Ecuador. Her story is insane but her faith is even crazier. Then the next day on Sunday, they came to church! We were so happy to see them and they stayed all 3 hours, even after working all night. We also took some sick pictures on their motorcycle.

Some funny things that happened this week:
1)  Sometimes when you and your comp don’t speak the same 1st language there are some difficulties. Especially when the dictionary does not have the word you need. Sister Soza was trying to explain what “manzanilla” is. It’s a flower, and to explain it she pulls out a piece of paper and draws literally a regular flower and said “it looks like this.” I turned to her and said, “yep, that is a flower… doesn’t really help!” We both could not stop laughing, turns out its chamomile.
2)  Also found out this week that most of Antarctica is owned by Chile and its full name is Antarctica de Chile. WHO KNEW?!
3)  We went on exchanges this week with the STLs (sister training leader) and I stayed in our area, but the english STL came in to stay with me which meant I was the only comp who spoke spanish… and we had 2 meal appointments that day and almost died knocking afterwards. TURNS OUT I actually know more Spanish than I thought. We got to see Milly (my recent convert) and they made us some yummy breakfast food from El Salvador. One thing I love about serving in Latin wards is that everyone loves avocados as much as I do!

This week was a real testimony builder that the Lord really does bless us if we are working hard and doing all that we can. If we are moving, He will put people in our path. I could easily send you my “key indicator” numbers and have you judge my mission and work that way, but it really doesn’t reflect everything that we do every single day. It is not easy to go and knock on doors, and have people slam them in your face. It is not easy to not have anyone to teach. But the miracles and the rewards that the Lord sends us for our efforts are even greater. I was reading a talk this morning from President Monson and one thing he said really stood out to me. He said “We do not need to walk where He walked (meaning Jerusalem), but we need to walk as He walked.” We need to help those around us and do as much as we can to serve those we know. As we turn outward, towards others as Christ did, we can see the blessings in our lives. Fortunately for all of us, we get credit for trying in the Gospel! (Elder Holland said that at an MTC devotional a few years ago).

I love you all and hope that you all have great weeks! Chao!

pic 1: 3 months!

pic 2: I was excited, she was not….

pic 3: The motorcycle was Sister Soza’s idea for the record

pic 4: Came across this canal while knocking

pic 5: We had a tea party last night! (no worries there was no caffeine)

pic 6: Florida sunsets are beautiful

pic 7: Accounting at District training for the end of Mucho May

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