Monday, June 13, 2016

arrived at mtc

Hey guys!

We get to send a quick email tonight! I just wanted to let you know that the MTC is awesome. Seriously I love it.

My district (the people she will study with for the next six weeks) is pretty small, there’s only 5 of us because we are Intermediate, so we will get to know each other really well and fast. I am in a 3 person companionship which is kinda different but cool because theres one more person to talk to. Theres one sister, Hermana Greenburg, going to Tampa, FL and another, Hermana Tribe to Santa Rosa, CA. The elders are going to Dallas and California! Its cool to see where people are going.

We met our teachers and they are so cool. they both served in Mexico, but different missions and we haven’t heard either of them speak any English all day, so that was interesting. We are on a tour right now just getting the hang of the MTC campus. It’s a little weird to be with someone 24/7 but its nice because us 3 girls have a room of 6 all to ourselves (YAY).

Don’t forget about the service where you can send letters and I will get them at the end of each day and can read them, just not answer. My p-day is Tuesday by the way.
Hermana Cottrell

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